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Police Are Furious At This Driver, And Once You Watch The Video You’ll See Why

Everybody makes a wrong turn from time to time while driving, but it can be tricky when you lose your way on a highway. Most drivers will head to the next exit and get back on course, but in this case, a man decided to just take things in reverse, not only backing up the off ramp he took in error, but continuing in reverse for quite a while thereafter.

The traffic camera video from the Ohio Department of Transportation will have you scratching your head, as the driver pulls this all off during the busy morning rush hour. He first puts the car in reverse and backs up the ramp near Route 33 in Columbus, where you think he’ll then merge back into traffic. He does… sort of… but still in reverse.

ODOT employees said the incident went on for several minutes, with department officials believing that he was experiencing an issue with the car’s transmission. At any rate, he seems pretty skilled at backing out of the line of traffic and then all the way down the ramp, where he ends at a busy intersection, as cars are coming onto the ramp he’s backing off of. Once at the intersection, he continues his backup expertise, sliding into the oncoming traffic as he continues to go in reverse and getting into the flow of traffic, until he can turn onto a road into a grocery store parking lot.

The ODOT published the video on Facebook and YouTube, with the title “What NOT to do in traffic,” with the explanation: “Pro tip, if your vehicle isn’t running properly, pull safely to the side of the road and call for assistance. Thankfully, no one was injured in this incident.”

The video ends with the message: “Please, don’t be that driver.”

Among the comments on the Daily Mail’s coverage of the crazy driving incident was one person who wrote: “Considering the danger he placed other drivers in, I’d have thought the cops would have been sent to try and locate him but it seems it is much easier to just place a warning on the ODOT site instead. Whether the driver had transmission troubles or not shouldn’t be the concern here. They didn’t even use their hazard flashers while driving backwards to alert others to their problems. This was a classic example of careless driving if I have ever seen one and I’ve seen plenty.”

Many people weighed in with comments on the YouTube video, with one person pointing out: “I’m actually impressed with his driving skills, I didn’t think anyone even knew how to back up out of a parking spot anymore, he should be teaching a class or be a driving instructor. The fact that he stayed in the slow lane is also super impressive.”

Among those who commented on the Facebook post was one person who explained what could have gone wrong, noting: “My sister’s transmission went out once and the only way her vehicle would move was backwards. Makes me wonder if that’s what happened here.”