A man from Aurora, Colorado, delivered an unwanted present to a family’s doorstep on Christmas Eve. Now the police are hunting for him. Doorbell camera footage captured the moment a prankster appeared on the family’s porch and dropped his pants to deliver a heaping pile of steaming human feces for the family to find at their leisure on Christmas morning, which the family’s two little girls would later think were droppings from Santa’s reindeer.

The Aurora family was shocked to find the human droppings on their porch Christmas morning. But they were utterly disturbed and disgusted when they took a closer look at their surveillance camera and found footage of a man dumping on their porch late on Christmas Eve night.

The family’s Ring Doorbell camera caught what had really happened, and it was a most unfortunate sight. A strange man had appeared on the doorstep on Christmas Eve with the sole purpose of leaving a warm brown present for the family to discover the next day. In the footage, the man is seen dropping his pants to leave a pile of feces on the doorstep. He then wipes himself with fabric from the lawn chair before fleeing the scene with a scooter belonging to one of the family’s little girls.

The mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, came forward with the strange Ring camera footage with the hopes that it would shame their late-night visitor. She hoped that someone in the Aurora community would be able to identify the man who used their porch as his toilet and make him face the consequences of what he had done. She hopes that the footage makes it so that “he is so embarrassed he will never do that again.”

“Hopefully, if his friends see or, you know, family members, they can get on him and tell him like that was just disgusting and wrong,” the homeowner told FOX 31.

The doorbell camera footage shows the man running up to the Aurora home as he unbuttons his pants. He quickly defecates on the family’s doorstep and then wipes himself on the lawn chair. He then flees the scene by taking one of the homeowner’s daughter’s scooters.

“I’ve never seen that guy before – it looked like he directly just came right to my house. Like he had a problem with me or something,” the mother said.

The unwanted present was discovered the following morning after the girls opened their Christmas presents.

“My girls were lying in bed, way past bedtime, waiting to hear Santa and his reindeer land on the roof. My 5-year-old went outside the next morning and saw it. She instantly told me not to worry. It had to of been the reindeer that pooped outside,” said the mother. “I wish she was right, but unfortunately, we had a nasty mess to clean up.”

Aurora authorities are now looking for their pooping bandit.

Meanwhile, the mother remains on “high alert” for the criminal and will “definitely have my guard up and make sure my phone is right there, so if I hear my motion [sensor] go off again, I’ll be able to call. Immediately.”

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