A homeless man has been charged with a hate crime after assaulting random “light-skinned” women inside a Brooklyn subway station. Twenty-nine-year-old Khari Covington faces charges related to the assault on nine women in separate incidents in East Williamsburg. The attacks occurred at random intervals since August 2019. Seven of the nine assaults occurred within the Morgan Avenue subway station stop in Brooklyn, while the other two assaults occurred on the street above the subway.

Two blocks from the subway station, there is a homeless shelter. Covington is one of the people who reside there.

The first assault occurred back in August. Covington allegedly shoved the woman while she was taking a jog. Then he punched her before fleeing the scene. Throughout his attacks, Covington appeared to target light-skinned women, which was the reason that police have charged him with a hate crime.

Most victims in the attack spree were young women in their twenties.

On Monday, police indicated that Covington is also the suspect in the assault of the 27-year-old worker in a smoke shop. Footage shows that Covington walked into the tobacco shop and then went behind the counter, where he put his arm around the victim’s neck as he tried to steal items from the establishment.

Following Covington’s arrest this week, a victim came forward to complain about the NYPD and how they did not warm the public – or at least people in East Williamsburg – that an attacker was on a rampage.

“I was stunned that this had happened so many times,” Bianca Fortis (above), a 32-year-old journalist, said Monday to the Post. “I didn’t see any police stationed there. There were no flyers.”

After she was attacked, Fortis was left with bruising on her face as well as on her upper body. She wished that she had seen a police presence near the subway station because the NYPD knew that Covington was attacking women in a certain location. Nevertheless, the NYPD did not seem to put protections in place to keep light-skinned women in East Williamsburg safe from the hate crime spree.

The charges against Covington include eight counts of assault as a hate crime and one count of attempted robbery as a hate crime.

Readers of Daily Mail were shocked that this man was capable of executing his hate crime spree in the middle of Brooklyn while cops were out in force.

“Charge this man with a hate crime. He has targeted a specific set of people. Light skinned women. I’m very happy to hear of his capture.”

“Sounds like he has anger and women issues.”

“Good. The misogyny is getting old.”

“There ARE more, lots more, but the crime is never called what it is in the news, a hate crime.”

“Let me guess. He will be released with an appearance ticket, never to be seen again until he commits another crime, and the cycle continues.”

One woman vowed to never become a victim of such an attack.

“If a man tried to beat me, he’d be singing soprano till kingdom come.”

What do you think about the hate crime charges against this NYC man?

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