Police Caught The Guy Who Tied This Dog’s Jaw Shut With A Wire, But The Judge Went Easy On Him : AWM

Police Caught The Guy Who Tied This Dog’s Jaw Shut With A Wire, But The Judge Went Easy On Him

Some states and countries are simply not tough on violent offenders when they take out their rage on animals. One man, tied up a dog named Chloe for four hours, brutalizing the creature like it didn’t deserve to live. Thankfully, neighbors reported the abuse to the police. The man was arrested and given a $200 fine for his trouble. The attack occurred in South Australia and involved using a cable tie to keep the German shepherd’s snout shut tightly, so the man could attack Chloe with all his might and not face retaliation.

Neighbors noticed Chloe’s condition because the man didn’t bother hiding his abuses. He knew that the laws in South Australia protected animal abusers like him, so he tied Chloe up in the backyard like a piece of meat and wrapped the cable wire muzzle around her mouth so she’d struggle to eat and drink water.

Neighbors reported the animal abuse in March, and authorities could do little to punish the man. They simply slapped him with a fine equivalent to $200 and banned him from owning another pet for two years, “so he could learn his lesson.” But that punishment was not going to do anything to stop the 48-year-old pet owner from hurting animals, and possibly people if he could.

Chloe’s former owner lived in Mount Gambier and simply got slammed with charges of animal neglect and ill-treatment of an animal under lenient South Australia’s Animal Welfare Act. While the government did nothing serious to the man as punishment, Chloe was rescued and moved to a new home. Hopefully, she’s not living with another cruel pet owner like the first one.

RSPCA South Australia shared images of Chloe on Facebook and offered the following comment to viewers.

“Another awful case was finalized in court this morning. A Mount Gambier man secured a cable tie around his German Shepherd’s muzzle, where it remained until the dog was rescued some hours later. Thankfully, Chloe, the German Shepherd, was saved just in time and has since found a loving new home. As you can see, she is now happy and free from pain.”

RSPCA South Australia Chief Inspector Andrea Lewis said, “Tying your dog’s muzzle shut as a solution to stop unwanted behavior is a shocking indication of how little this person understands dogs and their needs, and begs the question of why he bought such a large, active young dog in the first place.”

The owner was forced to pay a $200 good behavior bond. He also is expected to reimburse the $1,600 veterinary fees that were built up after Chloe was taken into care. The owner told authorities that he never meant to leave Chloe muzzled up for so long. He said he planned to remove the wire before he left for work, but “forgot.” Thankfully, the neighbors noticed Chloe in distress and did something to help her. If they had not acted, then Chloe could have died. Panting is how dogs keep cool as they do not sweat like humans.

Chloe could have overheated in the South Australia sun if it wasn’t for the Good Samaritans.

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