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Police Finally Caught The Scum Who Was Wanted For 864 Counts Of Child Rape

Most people agree that the worst criminals are those who systematically target at-risk and disenfranchised people. These crooks prey on those smaller and weaker than them because they are sick and crave a twisted type of power. The worst of the worst are child predators. These criminals ruin the lives of these young people and cost them their childhood because they desire something that is downright wrong.

After a long time and a desperate search, police finally caught up with the lowlife scum who spent his life chasing down and molesting far too many children, far too often. The child predator has been charged with 865 counts of child rape.

So who is this man who has raped and abused so many children. He is 47-year-old Garrick Landon Bloom. On Thursday of last week, police finally hunted down the sick predator at a homeless shelter in Tallahassee, Florida and charged him with the unthinkable breadth of crimes.

On January 16, 2019, police issued a warrant for Bloom’s arrest in Clarion, Pennsylvania. Instead of turning himself into the police, the coward went on the run, trying to escape the child rape charges that refused to leave his tail.

Bloom allegedly groomed and abused his victim since he was just five years old. Bloom wanted the boy to be his personal tool.

Although Bloom went on the run in Pennsylvania, the states worked together and pooled their resources to put the suspected child rapist behind bars for good. While trying to lay low down south in Florida, cops busted him at The Kearney Center, a facility designed to help Florida’s most destitute people. When the police finally caught up with him and identified him, Bloom had made his home at the shelter for two days.

The United States Marshals tracked him down. Although he managed to abuse children for many years systemically, he was a novice when it came to evading arrest.

“That’s a high traffic area for children getting off school buses,” U.S. Marshal Fugitive Task Force Deputy Commander Marty West told the Tallahassee Democrat.

Not only was Bloom trying to hide from the law, but he was also doing it in a location where he had easy access to young children in Florida.

“Having a predator like (Bloom) hanging around Tallahassee, it would have only been a matter of time,” the Deputy Commander said.

Bloom faces 865 charges related to sexual abuse of a child. These charges include 216 counts of rape of a child, 216 counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child, 216 counts of aggravated indecent assault of a child, 216 counts of statutory sexual assault and endanger the welfare of a child.

While it is unreported, Bloom was probably also charged with evading arrest or running from the law, rounding out his number of charges to the astronomical 865.

Bloom will be extricated to Pennsylvania where he will need to stand trial and face justice for what he did to his victim.

What do you think about him being caught?

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