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Police Raided Cher’s Malibu Mansion. When They Found This, They Made An Arrest

Cher has long been an icon in the music world. And she’s also done a fair share of acting to boot. But last Thursday, Cher made headlines when it became clear to police that her Malibu, California mansion was doing much more than serving as her residence. Police broke inside with a search warrant and found the truth – Cher’s Malibu mansion was a drug den stockpiled with fentanyl, pills, drug paraphernalia, and boxes and boxes of ammunition.

Although the drug den was in Cher’s home, Cher was not the guilty party. It was her longtime assistant’s 23-year-old nephew, Donovan Ruiz, who was using the pop star’s Malibu house to commit crimes.

Officers busted Ruiz for 1.3 grams of fentanyl powder. He had that in his pants. He also possessed Xanax pills, an unidentified white pill, tin foil for smoking and/or injecting drugs, and a pink straw caked in brown residue for him to ingest what could be heroin.

Police also found Ruiz in possession of 16 yellow pills that had 215 marked across them. He also had a pair of pink pills marked “K40.” Besides the powder, he also had fentanyl patches and a Gucci box loaded with drug paraphernalia. In other words, Ruiz was caught red handed and had no hope of escaping the police.

Witnesses were stunned to see the police force at Cher’s Malibu mansion. But the cops were not the only ones busting into the place. They also were accompanied by an ambulance and a firetruck. Perhaps because fentanyl is highly deadly – even if it comes into contact with someone’s skin.

Ruiz was attempting to flee the country when he was arrested. He was preparing to go to Los Angeles International Airport for his upcoming flight to Australia to join Cher where she was on tour.

Allegations have come forward that indicate Ruiz was suspecting of selling fentanyl, a highly deadly and dangerous opioid, to 26-year-old Kevin Cunningham. Cunningham, of Thousand Oaks, overdosed and died in September.

Police have since charged Ruiz with selling narcotics to someone who died. That’s a felony.

While getting arrested, California Highway Patrol Officer Matthew Winter said Ruiz admitted his crimes. He said he sold fentanyl to Cunningham on the night he died, which was September 14. He probably feels very bad about being involved in the tragedy.

But not bad enough. He kept selling drugs despite being involved in the young man’s death. Authorities suspect Ruiz of being “the source of supply of Fentanyl to many users in Ventura County.”

Ruiz is currently at Ventura County Jail on half million dollar bond. He also faces $90,000 bond from an unrelated 2017 case. Nevertheless, Cher kept him on despite his criminal activity. She probably didn’t know what he was really up to in her Malibu mansion.

Although the arrest occurred at her property, Cher seems unfazed. She will remain on tour in Australia, where she has an avid fanbase. She will finish the tour and then return to Las Vegas to continue her $60 million residency at Caesars Palace.

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