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Police Stopped This Woman At The Airport When They Realized She Was Smuggling A Baby In Her Bag

While the country is focused on the southern border with Mexico, criminals more commonly try to invade America through the numerous ports of entry, including international airports. Now, this 44-year-old Utah woman proves how this happens. Because this woman Jennifer Talbot wanted a baby, she decided to pay for an infant online. She flew to the Philippines to collect the newborn and then tried to sneak the child back into the United States by stuffing the infant in her carryon luggage.

Talbot knew she was committing a crime when she put the baby in her carryon luggage. Because Talbot was caught before she made it out of the Philippines, the police in the island nation had the pleasure of parading the handcuffed Talbot on their national television station as they announced that she had been charged with human trafficking, child abuse, and kidnapping.

The Utah woman trod down a dark path that she knew was illegal. She met a teen mother living in the Philippines and convinced the teen to sell her baby to Talbot.

Although Talbot is married and has “five special children,” her biological babies were not enough to fulfill her. She desperately needed more children to add to her brood, so she tried to steal one away from a teen mother on an island in the Pacific Ocean.

On Wednesday, Talbot tried to sneak the infant through the airport’s immigration counter without declaring the newborn baby, who she had stuffed in a bag like a sandwich.

However, the Filipino border agents were too smart for this Utah woman. They intercepted her at the gate of her United States flight. That’s when she lied and claimed that she was the child’s aunt. But with no documentation to prove anything, no one believed her. That’s when the true nature of Talbot’s crimes started to unravel to reveal that this Utah woman had descended into a depraved state where human trafficking was the only thing to make her feel whole again.

Now that Talbot has been charged with kidnapping, human trafficking, and child abuse, she could face the rest of her life in prison. Few people sympathize with the Utah woman because she stuffed the six-day-old baby in her handbag as a way to smuggle the infant through the border and get him illegally into the United States.

On Thursday, Filipino officials paraded Talbot on national television. She was shown in the orange jumpsuit of a criminal, handcuffed.

Because she had been caught in the act, Talbot tried to hold back tears. It is unclear if she had any remorse for her actions – for having kidnapped and attempted to traffic a baby into the United States – however, it is clear that she doesn’t like the consequences.

At the airport, Talbot tried to present a potentially false affidavit from the child’s mother, Maricris Cempron Dulap, giving Talbot permission to travel to the United States with the undocumented baby. There were no signatures, and the document might be false, which would only add to the charges Talbot faces.

Talbot will need to atone for her crimes against the baby, and for her attempt to traffic human life across international borders. The baby’s biological parents have also been charged with child abuse.

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