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Politician Bans His Staff From Using A Long List Of Words

There’s a new politician in town, and he’s got some very bizarre rules for his staffers to follow. Not only did Jacob Rees-Mogg forbid his staffers from using basic works like “got,” “very,” or “equal,” he demands that all “non-titled males” get referred to as “Esquire” instead of mister. Although Rees-Mogg has only had the role of Leader of Commons for about a week, he’s trying to control the way his underlings speak including the forbiddance of words like “hopefully” and “disappointment.”

Rees-Mogg was brought into the British Government by new Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who some people consider the Trump of Great Britain. While Rees-Mogg got situated, he wasted no time whatsoever on changing the way everything was done, starting with the way people speak to each other.

Rees-Mogg issued a style guide that he demands his underlings abide by while working for him. ITV News obtained a copy of the crazed list with demands strange things from his staffers, including the use of imperial measurements and the use of Esquire when speaking to “non-titled males.”

Rees-Mogg might have a weird way of working, but he does seem to value precision. He ordered his workers to always “CHECK your work,” in a bid to improve accuracy in the office.

Another antiquated rule that Rees-Mogg demands his workers follow is to use double space after every full stop. That means he wants to see two spaces after typed sentences.

Some of the words and phrases he has banned from his staffers using including too many letter I’s, “meet with,” “I am pleased to learn,” “invest,” “due to,” yourself,” and unacceptable,” among others.

Rees-Mogg likes to be photographed in a top hat, and when you see him without it, you’ll ascertain why he prefers to in it.

When the LBC show asked about why he would ban so many common words, he responded: “These are for my letters. This list was drawn up by my staff. And when you read through a letter, you see something that says ‘it was very important’ but probably not actually, it’s probably just important. ‘Unacceptable’ is a dreadful, weasel word. Such an ugly word. It is used when people mean ‘wrong,’ but they don’t have the courage to say so. The use of the words is to hide meaning rather than to elucidate meaning, and, therefore, you should use words that elucidate meaning.”

Rees-Mogg intends to get his staffers directly to the point. He wants them spitting out what they have to say rather than middling around their meaning and trying to figure out what they want to say without saying it.

Rees-Mogg is a devout Roman Catholic who came into government back in 2010. He loves the formal dress and has been criticized as being out of touch with the people. He named his sixth child, Sixtus, which is a name shared with five popes.

Although he has a large family, he admits he never changed a diaper because he is not a “modern man,” but a conservative through and through. He added that “The nanny does that brilliantly.”

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