Pregnant Military Mom Rented Out Her Home, But It Turns Out The Tenant Was Sending Her Fake Photos : AWM

Pregnant Military Mom Rented Out Her Home, But It Turns Out The Tenant Was Sending Her Fake Photos

Krystal Harris thought she was onto something when she decided to rent out her house. It would be a reliable way to make the mortgage payment and also give someone else a nice place to call home for the time being. Krystal is a military wife and needed to follow her husband from their home in Huntsville, Alabama to more than 800 miles away in Texas for a temporary assignment.

During the transition, Krystal was seven months pregnant with their second child. She was focused on her family and doing the right thing. And that meant she was not prepared for the scam the tenant had planned.

After she found the tenant to sublet her house during their temporary move to Texas, she was shocked to continue to get notices from Huntsville city staff. They kept warning her that her home’s condition kept deteriorating. So she’d reach out to the tenant, and they’d send her a picture to assuage her worries. The pictures were fine. What were the city staffers talking about?

Every time she got a notice, the tenants sent her photos of the home’s immaculate lawn and clean interior. But Krystal had no idea that the tenants had planned an elaborate scheme and were sending her fake pictures to keep her in the dark.

When Krystal came back to her home in August 2018, she finally realized that the tenants were lying. She should have listened to the city staffers instead of her lying renters. And when she came back to the house, Krystal nearly burst into tears. The second she opened the door to the house, she was slammed with a wall of stink. The home was trashed. Garbage flooded the floor, food was out rotting and breeding maggots, and bugs, big bugs, were crawling in every corner.

Because the tenants had lied to her, Krystal was left with the massive bill to repair the place. And that bill became even more expensive after the family home was deemed a biohazard.

To make matters worse, the trash was attracting people to her property. They wanted to hunt for valuable items within the piles of debris. And they were entering her property without any notice.

“There are constantly people coming by and tearing open trash bags, pulling stuff out of the pile, which pulls stuff into the street,” she said.

Thankfully, the military family’s community offered a helping hand. When Krystal’s story was shared on WHNT, they started to come to her and extend some help.

“We were in an overwhelming situation,” she said.

One person who offered help was Allen Snider. He is the owner of the local company “We Chunk Junk” and was able to get the place cleared out in a matter of hours.

“The first thing that stuck out in my mind is it’s a military family. They have enough stress as it is just to serve our country which we support,” Snider said.

Snider and his team hauled out bags of trash. The renters were some disgusting people who didn’t care about their living quarters at all.