While Courtney English was eight months pregnant with her first child, she had no choice but to continue working as hard as she could to save up enough money so she’d be able to provide for her baby. She was not expecting any handouts, so the 23-year-old pushed her pregnant body to the limit, standing on her feet for hours at a time rushing from table to table at the Lamp Post Diner in New Jersey, trying to keep a smile on her face to collect as many tips as she could.

Because women do not receive much support in the United States and hardly get any maternity leave compared to the women of other developed countries, Courtney had no choice but to keep working. And while she was there, it was impossible for her customers not to notice that she was pregnant and very far along.

Some customers scoffed at Courtney because she was a young pregnant woman working on her feet. Courtney refused to let those haters get under her skin and tried her best to keep a smile on her face.

Some of her best customers, and friendliest, were the police officers who frequented the diner. Because cops liked the food and the prices, they would stop by the Lamp Post Diner on their lunch breaks or during the breakfast rush. Sometimes they sat at the counter other times they sat at the booth. Either way, Courtney always enjoyed serving them because they were grateful and kind to her.

However, one officer stood out in her mind because of how he treated her after she had done a great job serving his table.

Courtney brought the cop his lunch and talked to him as she would any of her customers. Although he was in uniform, she didn’t try to treat him any different than she would any other customers – she wanted him to feel special but not out of place.

The next table over, the customers asked her all sorts of questions about her pregnancy. They were very excited for her, and the police officer probably listened to everything they had said.

The reason everyone expects the cop to have been eavesdropping was because of how he treated Courtney. When she brought him his bill for $8.75, he decided to surprise her with a massive $100 tip – and now this story of Courtney’s windfall is making headlines.

As every parent knows, $100 is not a huge amount of money when dealing with a newborn baby. However, it does help out a lot. It buys a lot of diapers and formula and clothes for a tiny newborn.

When news got out about how the cop treated Courtney, her boss at restaurant shared the story on Facebook, and it was soon picked up as national news. Although Courtney had gotten many generous tips in the past – especially since her pregnancy was showing – this one came from a copy.

“There have been plenty of situations where she got a nice tip, but just the little remark was what got her,” the boss told USA Today.

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