Previously Unreleased Footage From Roswell UFO Crash Leaked, See It Before It’s Deleted : AWM

Previously Unreleased Footage From Roswell UFO Crash Leaked, See It Before It’s Deleted

New video footage showing an alien being carried on a stretcher following the Roswell spaceship crash in 1947 has surfaced. When the supposed spaceship crashed in Area 51, the military originally confirmed they had found UFO remains, but later noted that it was an armed forces balloon. Conspiracy theorists, however, continued to believed that it was a government cover up for a UFO crash.

In the new footage, it appears that an alien body is being removed from the crash site by medical personnel.

Watch the video below to see for yourself!

Since the crash in the late ‘40s, the military have shut down all the alien theories and, in the 1990s, they showed the nuclear test surveillance balloon used to detect sound waves generated by Soviet Union atomic bomb tests. In the ‘40s, they covered the true purpose of the project by claiming it was a weather balloon.

The theories continued to swirl, as documents supposedly written by people working within Area 51 claimed the spaceship had crashed near Roswell in 1947.

The description of the YouTube video showing the new footage explains: “This video was made right after the UFO crash in Roswell in 1947. For years there have been rumors that intact alien bodies were brought to a hanger in area 51 for examination. Very little was known from what happened in that hanger. This footage shows that an alien was brought in on a stretcher. There is a lot of military and scientific personnel in the hanger to investigate the body. The alien looks to be the same as the one from the famous roswell alien medical examination.”

The new footage, however, doesn’t have very many people convinced that it’s legitimate, with people weighing in with comments such as: “Yeah, because that’s not video with silly effects to try and make it look old is it? Anyone who thinks this is genuine needs to book an appointment with the funny farm.”

Another person wasn’t quite so sure, writing: “Could be fake. But there is too much evidence of aliens out there to ignore. They ARE visiting us and have been for a thousand years at least.  I have seen a UFO myself. Very fast machines.”

Other comments included: “What utter garbage. Moving pictures were more advanced even back then than that pathetic example of overly distorted trash that insure the viewer not see how fake everything is.”

Another person noted: “Why is it that whenever we see pictures or footage of ‘aliens’ they all have some sort of human form.  2 arms, 2 legs, torso, head, 2 eyes etc… Scientists and astronomers will tell you that space is infinite and there are endless possibilities of ‘alien’ life out there which tells us that our Earth and species on it are insignificantly small compared to the rest of the universe, yet every ‘alien’ always looks the same as us.”

Another commenter explained: “Yes, something did crash at Roswell, and it certainly was not a weather balloon. But this video looks completely fake right from the get go.”