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Prince William’s Nickname For 4-Year-Old Princess Charlotte Is Making Headlines

While the world has been paying all their attention to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton have been keeping very busy. Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has been doing a lot of gardening work consulting with landscape architects and experts Andrée Davies and Adam White as she creates a beautiful garden that she plans to show as part of the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show.

Although Kate is proud of the work that she is doing with this garden, she loves the hobby of getting down and dirty with the dirt, and plans to work with the expert landscape architects to create at least three more gardens in due course as well.

This garden, which will be shown at the royal flower show, has a theme. The theme is Back to Nature, which encourages families to get out and relax while enjoying the fresh air and the smell of gorgeous flora. Because Kate wants to instill family values and activity in everything she does, she brought her kids to help build the garden. While they were creating the beautiful spectacle and place that will be put into the running at the royal flower show, Kate was joined by Prince William who eagerly played with his children, George, Charlotte, and Louis.

Because the family likes to keep their fans updated on their outings and excursions, they shared videos and photos from the day. It is without a doubt that William and Kate have created a beautiful family, and their children are absolutely adorable little royal specimens.

In one video clip, George gives his mother Kate’s garden a 20 out of 10 rating! That’s a lot of faith in what his mother is able to accomplish. Not only did fans get to watch the family in action, but they also heard Prince William refer to his daughter Charlotte with a nickname that they have never heard him use before. And as soon as word spread about his usage of the nickname, fans began to swoon over how adorable it is for the little girl.

Earlier in the year, Kate was caught referring to the cute daughter as “Lottie,” which is a shortened version of Charlotte. However, that was not the nickname that Prince William was heard using at this particular outing.

So what did he call his daughter Charlotte? He called her “Mignonette,” which is a French term of endearment that is used to call someone delicate or cute. That’s a great way to describe a young daughter, don’t you think?

Kate loves using her position to advocate for children. She wants to use her power to help children establish a strong foundation early in life so they can be both healthy physically and mentally.

During the outing at Kate’s Back to Nature garden, the family was seen gathering some moss, twigs, and leaves.

Now that the world has heard that Prince William’s new nickname for his daughter is Mignonette, do you think other people will pick up on it and make it a trend?

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