When an attractive young teen came to school wearing an outfit that the principal felt might be in violation of the school’s conservative dress code, the principal ordered the young female to drop to her knees in front of him. As the principal viewed the young female’s body to “check” whether he could see any unmentionable parts that would indicate her outfit was in violation of the school’s dress code policy, the entire incident left the girl feeling abused and “humiliated” because of the way he had treated her.

Student Amanda Durbin understood that her school, Edmonson County High School, had a strict dress code that it was intended to adhere to. However, she never thought that she’d be subjected to borderline sexual misconduct when she showed up to class in a red sweater dress. The dress code forbids young women from wearing leggings instead of pants and dresses that are more than six inches above the knee.

On the day of her humiliation, Amanda showed up to school wearing a sweater dress with leggings underneath. Because she was wearing the leggings as an undergarment, Amanda felt that she was adhering to the school’s dress code. But she admits, she and other young females at the school were doing this on purpose to push the limits of the school’s limiting dress code and make the administration sweat.

“It was kind of a protest, but it was a mature protest,” she stated.

The sweater dress that Amanda wore to her school was five-inches above her knee. That meant it should have been fine according to the school’s dress code. However, the teacher didn’t like it and sent her to the principal’s office to get an official measurement taking.

When the principal saw her in the tight-fitting dress, he ordered Amanda to kneel on the ground in front of him – where, according to him, he would be able to “check” the dress and get an accurate measurement.

Because she did not like the idea of kneeling before a man like that, she asked to have her parents called in for the measurement. The administration agreed that this was a good idea as they did not want to get hit with a sexual harassment or misconduct lawsuit.

Amanda was forced to wait two hours for her parents to arrive – missing out on her education the entire time.

“They didn’t give me any other option. I had to sit there,” she said.

Principal Tommy Hodges waited patiently for her parents to arrive. When they did, he said that he “didn’t see anything wrong with her outfit,” but that he had to check anyway because it was the dress code.

While her parents watched, Principal Hodges made her kneel before him and measured her thigh.

Amanda was “embarrassed” and “humiliated.”

“I didn’t really appreciate having to get down on my knees, especially while I was in a dress,” she stated.

When Hodges told her to kneel and lift her hands up, her dress measured eight inches over her knees. By manipulating it this way, he found the girl to “technically” be violating the dress code.

“It did make me feel a little embarrassed, a little insecure of myself,” she described the experience.

Hodges told WBKO, “If the gap between the floor and the garment is more than six inches, it’s out of dress code.”

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