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Psychologists Are Concerned About Greta Thunberg’s Mental State After Her Latest Speech

A psychologist named Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg has joined the attack against young climate change advocate Greta Thunberg. As the 16-year-old Scandinavian girl makes international waves as she calls for world leaders like President Trump to do something about the future of the planet, Dr. Carr-Gregg used his hard-earned position as a psychologist to criticize the autistic teenager even going as far as to urge her to seek treatment for mental health concerns.

Although Dr. Carr-Gregg has based his diagnosis on the teenager’s passionate speech to world leaders after she made headlines last week by inspiring more than 150 million people around the globe to take to the streets as part of the Global Strike 4 Climate.

Since Thunberg is proving to be an opposing force to big business and the energy industry, Australia’s leading psychologist, Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg, tried to knock the teenage girl down a peg with a venomous criticism. Not only did the psychologist say that the autistic girl needed mental health treatment, but he also called her an “entitled political pawn.”

Because Greta Thunberg is passionate about fixing the damaging effects of climate change, she has become the voice of the movement. Dr. Carr-Gregg believes that her sudden rise to fame will result in “burn out” just like a child star who suddenly finds themselves on television or the movies.

“I worry about her going the same as child TV stars,” the psychologist said while on 3AW this Wednesday. “That they just burn out and potentially have a disastrous psychological outcome.

The leading Australian psychologist added, “Can I make it clear. I am not a climate change denier. I actually think that we do need to do more about saving the planet.”

However, he said that he was very concerned about the young teenager. Not only does he dislike her, but he believes that she has a “sense of entitlement” because she wants the adults of today to do better for the people of her generation and others to come in the future.

“I am worried that we use a kid like this, who arguably should be getting treatment because she’s said she’s had anorexia, said she’s got Asperger’s and said she’s battled depression.”

He then said, “As a parent, if this was my child, I’m not sure I’d be putting them on the world stage.”

Because Thunberg is suddenly thrust into the spotlight, Dr. Carr-Gregg is worried that she will crumble under pressure. So many people are watching her speak now. She’s even come under fire from the President of the United States. Although he is almost six decades older than her, he’s attacking her like she’s an adult.

The Australian psychologist added, “It sends a message to other teenagers that they can speak to adults in this very, very dismissive way. She seems to be caught up in a doomsday scenario where she’s massively exaggerating the threats posed by climate change, and that has a flow-on effect because it causes all this existential anxiety in our children, hence the climate strikes.”

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