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Racy Portrait Of Bill Clinton Found In Epstein’s Home

Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his prison cell, but the full story of his life has yet to be told. In a new twist, a photo, taken in Epstein’s home, has surfaced which ties the troubled financier to Bill Clinton. Someone who was visiting Epstein to discuss a business dealing said that she was met at the home by a 14-year-old girl. When she walked in, she saw a bizarre painting of President Bill Clinton and took a secret photo of it.

The photo was taken in 2012, four years after Epstein was let out of prison for prostituting a minor, and seven years before his world collapsed and he was found dead in prison.

The painting depicts Bill Clinton sitting provocatively, wearing a blue dress and red heels in the Oval Office.

Clinton had a famous scandal during his presidency with Monica Lewinsky. Lewinsky and the President had “sexual relations” while she was wearing a blue dress, that was later used as evidence.

The photo is not clear, and a case could be made that it is not Bill Clinton in the painting, but given that the subject has his trademark gray hair, is wearing a blue dress, and is sitting in a room with the Presidential seal on the floor makes that a tough argument.

It’s unclear why Jeffrey Epstein would have such a painting in his home, or why he would have it on display for anyone to see it.

The source who provided the image has decided to remain nameless, further clouding whether or not this was actually in Epstein’s home.

Now that Jeffrey Epstein is dead, it’s unclear how much of his life the public will ever understand. Two things are for certain, he had connections to very powerful people and he did terrible things to young girls.

Sadly, we may never be able to fully connect the dots between those two points.

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