Report Shows Cost Of Illegals For Each State; Worse Than Expected. See Where Your State Lands : AWM

Report Shows Cost Of Illegals For Each State; Worse Than Expected. See Where Your State Lands

Discussions about illegal immigration should include a financial analysis for the complete picture and, with data from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, you can now get a clear understanding of the fiscal burden that illegal immigration is costing the United States taxpayers. The total burden is close to $135 billion, with $89 billion of that a state burden and $46 billion a federal government burden.  This figure can be adjusted with additional data from FAIR, which shows that illegal immigrants will contribute about $19 billion in tax revenue this year, bringing the total burden down to $116 billion.

Those states least impacted are Wyoming, West Virginia, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Maine, all of which are located farther from the U.S.-Mexico border. presents “two interesting trends” from their data:

“States that spend the most on illegal immigration tend to be located close to Mexico. Looking at our map, the two states with the highest expenditures are California ($23B) and Texas ($11B), both sharing long borders with Mexico. In fact, there’s a cluster of dark red states stretching along the Southwest. States closest to the phenomenon pay the most as a result.”

Further, the site explains: “states with higher population levels tend to spend more than their less populated counterparts. You can see a group of high-expenditure states clustered around the Northeast, not to mention Illinois and Florida. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, California and Texas are also the two most populous states in the country. High population levels and proximity to Mexico act like a double-whammy for illegal immigration expenses.”

Additionally, the site notes, “Remember, these numbers only look at the net expenditures that states spend on illegal immigration, and they say nothing about other contributions to the economy. Any way you cut it though, whenever states are spending billions of dollars on something, it’s worth taking a hard look at where the money is going and why.”

Additionally, breaks down 10 states that will pay the most for illegal immigration costs in each state:

Among those weighing in on the Judicial Watch’s Facebook coverage of this data was one person who noted: “That is like 1.2 trillion over 10 years. Send them home and that will pay for the tax cut. BAM!! Problem solved.”

Debates, of course, broke out, as one commenter offered this opinion: “We let them in because we are compassionate, human, and humane, not for their money. The U.S. has plenty of money. Unfortunately, it’s all held by a handful of extremely selfish.”

Another person responded: “It isn’t our responsibility to save the world. Our forefathers were very clear that this was OUR country for OUR people and posterity. The third world isn’t welcome.”

Yet another person noted: “The Dems and media are hard at work trying to spin this so they can blame Trump. After all, that’s what they’re good at, right.”

Of course, there were plenty of commenters who believed that this data fully supports the need to build a border wall.