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Rescued Cow Won’t Stop Crying Until The Farmer Shows Up And Opens His Trailer

After spending her entire life on a dairy farm, Maybelle the cow was used to producing milk for her owners. But as happens, it soon became time for her to retire from her milk-producing duties. And that meant she had a few choices. But without a 401(k) or a pension, Maybelle was at the whims of her owners, and it was up to them to decide what would happen to her in the near future.

The first option was for the owners to simply end her life. They favored this plan because it would save them money. Since she was no longer providing her service to them, she had become a freeloading cow who only consumed and did not produce. Fortunately, her owners had a heart and appreciated all the work Maybelle had done for them over years and years on the farm. While euthanizing her would save them some money, they decided to help her achieve freedom and live a friendly life on pasture.

After a quick phone call, Maybelle’s owners got The Gentle Barn to come over and pick her up. The animal workers at the organization picked her up and then rushed her back to their sanctuary. She underwent a physical health evaluation, which is standard for all new “guests” at The Gentle Barn. And she was given a good rating. Then they gave her a wash so she could feel her best before letting her loose with the other cows in the pasture.

Although she was now free and had no master, she was restless. She paced the farm and made it clear that she was unhappy with her retirement. And soon she fell to crying out in anguish. But she wasn’t ill or in pain – at least not physically. But she made it clear that she would not be happy until the animal lovers at The Gentle Barn fulfilled her unspoken desire. They just needed to figure out what it was.

After checking off all the possible reasons for her crying, they realized it was something different. It was not a physical problem. She was lonely.

The Gentle Barn founder Ellie Laks said:

“In my experience, with all the cows we have taken into The Gentle Barn the only reason they ever cry like that is that they are looking for a baby.”

Had Maybelle’s previous owners separated her from her baby? Yes, they had. While they had tried to do something nice for the old cow, she missed her calf too much.

Thankfully, staffers at The Gentle Barn got to work and contacted her old dairy farm to find the calf that was left behind.

Before long they found her baby. Now they just needed to reunite the calf with its heartbroken mother. In the video below, you’ll get to see the heartwarming reunion between mama and her baby. It’s enough to bring some tears to your eyes.

When the staffers at The Gentle Barn open up the trailer with the calf inside, Maybelle’s reaction is priceless!

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