Could you squeeze your entire life into a fifteen-foot teardrop trailer? Sharon did it, and she feels it was one of the best decisions of her life. Her working life as a pharmacist had given her so much joy, but it could never compare to the freedom she now feels living on the open road. Because she earned good money working behind the counter at the pharmacy, she was able to sock some of it away and put it toward a wild adventure on the American road.

After retiring, Sharon turned her attention to a passion she never got to fully explore because of her career. Traveling. Since she knew that she no longer wanted to stay stuck in one place, Sharon started scouring the internet for a small trailer that she could pull behind her red Jeep Wrangler. Before long, she came across a TAB trailer and fell in love.

The trailer that attracted Sharon’s attention weighed less than 1,700 pounds. Because it was so lightweight, she could easily pull it behind her Jeep without burning through untoward amounts of gasoline or destroying the engine. She bought it for a modest price and now shares it as the perfect solution to her problem. For her, the TAB trailer was the perfect way for her to transition her life from working fulltime to being on the road every hour of every day except when she is camped at a site.

Besides being lightweight, it is also green. She uses a 135-watt solar panel system to power her trailer, so she has everything she needs all the time. Her trailer can also access electricity via a standard outlet, so when her solar panels are not needed, she just folds them up into their case.

The trailer includes about twelve-feet of living space and is just five-feet nine-inches tall at its tallest point. This means that not everyone is comfortable in the small space.

But for Sharon, who isn’t that tall, the space is more than adequate and helps her accomplish her dream of travel.

The purpose of the trailer is not to provide complete comfort to Sharon. Instead, the goal is to give her access to the open road. She wants to be able to bring home along with her as she road-trips across the United States, visiting her favorite locals and new loves that she will discover.

The TAB trailer does include some amenities. There’s a small kitchen and bathroom adjacent to each other. She also has an air conditioner unit as well as a vent fan in the ceiling. And Sharon also found the perfect place for her television.

Sharon earned viral fame when CheapRVliving featured her and her TAB trailer on their popular YouTube channel. Since the video of her vehicle was published in 2016, it has earned more than one million views, which is a lot even in this age of TikTok and Instagram.

What do you think about Sharon’s trailer? Would you trade in your job and house to live on the road?