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Right After The Hunters Shot This Elephant, They Turned And Started Running For Their Lives

While two hunters stalked big game in Africa, they thought they were tough and strong behind their elephant guns. As you can watch in the video, these hunters stalked through the plains with their massive rifles chasing after a family of elephants. They took aim at the head of one of the big bulls in the family and fired, scoring a direct “hit between the eyes.”

But after making the shot, the hunters soon found out that an elephant herd will not stand idly by and allow human hunters to take their fathers and their brothers away from them. As soon as the shot was fired and the bull fell toward the ground, the other elephants knew they had to get revenge.

The hunters were bad shots and unable to take the bull down with their massive rifles and powerful ammunition. They felt tough behind their firearms but soon found out that the real tough customers were the elephants who started charging at them as the overweight men ran through the African plains of Namibia.

The incident occurred at the Nakabolelwa Conservancy. And the clip has recently surfaced online to show how foolish hunters can be when risking their lives to hunt big game in Africa.

Although most big game is off limits to hunters, “There is a small quota of elephants in the area, and we only hunt two elephants a year,” Namibia-based professional hunter Corne Kruger told News24.

While the video is popular now, Mr. Kruger said that the video was filmed three or four years ago. At the time the overweight hunters took their shots on the bull, it had been “legal and sustainable.” Because of the hunting that had gone on, it no longer was sustainable for people to take the lives of these majestic creatures.

Although the amount of big game hunting has gone down in recent years, some companies still offer hunting safaris in Namibia to tourists willing to pay the high fees. The hunting season runs from March to October. Namibia makes it easy for foreigners to come in and kill their animals. They don’t require foreign nationals to have a hunting license to take part in the killing of these rare animals. They just need a local professional hunter to accompany them on the hunts for it to be granted legal permission.

If a hunter does not follow the rules, the hunt becomes poaching and is punishable by law. Poaching is a serious issue even when the hunter isn’t looking to take precious body parts from the animals.

Readers on Daily Mail shared their reactions to the video, and their distaste for these men who tried to kill the bull elephant.

“This is actually quite PATHETIC that men would go out JUST to shoot an elephant. Not for food just to claim that they could MURDER it. For what, EGO..?”

Another wrote, “It makes me sick and ashamed to be a human being.”

What is your reaction to the video? Do you support the hunting of elephants?

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