Less than a year after former President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani was caught on camera allegedly soliciting sex from a young woman during the filming of Borat, Giuliani’s daughter has come forward as a group sex enthusiast. During a recent discussion with Vanity Fair, Caroline Rose Giuliani, filmmaker, and daughter of Trump’s ex-personal lawyer, admitted that she enjoys profuse group sex with men and women to help combat her bouts of depression.

The 31-year-old filmmaker shared the graphic details of her love life. She opened up about her sexuality and detailed her passion for threesomes and various group sex scenarios. In conversation with Vanity Fair, Giuliani confessed that having sex with a couple was pure “ecstasy of unbridled self-discovery” and that she adores the “metamorphic” nature of threesomes.

During the interview, Caroline Giuliani admitted that she has struggled to come to terms with her own sexuality. Although she always knew that she was bisexual, she did not discover her full sexual potential until she began engaging in group sex with men and women. Before her exploratory phase, she struggled to endure monogamous relationships but found them to be “not conducive to personal and sexual growth.”

Giuliani published the details of her sex life on the magazine’s website.

“I now understand that my curiosity, open-mindedness, and sense of adventure are three non-negotiable, defining elements of my identity,” she wrote. “But it wasn’t until I started sleeping with couples that I shed my shame about those qualities, let alone embraced them in all areas of my life. Finding the strength to explore these more complicated, passionate aspects of my personality became the key to harnessing my voice and creative spark, which in turn helped me better cope with depression, anxiety, and the lingering cognitive effects of adolescent anorexia.”

Giuliani describes herself as “a unicorn,” which is a person who engages in group sex with couples. She loves having sex with couples and “entering a power dynamic where they are the only one without an established teammate.”

During her conversation about searching for sexual freedom, Giuliani’s daughter wrote: “Once I was single, I immediately began to make up for the lost time. I took soul-nourishing psychedelic trips into the desert with friends. I broke my stainless steel bed frame with tons of great (and safe) sex. Of all of the variants of ecstasy I experienced during that period, the ecstasy of unbridled self-discovery was the most metamorphic.”

Giuliani finds her sex partners through an app called Feeld, where “the sexually adventurous can go to find one another.”

Giuliani wrote: “As with any online forum, I had to weed out the occasional creep, but in general, the people I connected with were clear communicators and more transparent about difficult subjects like STD status than I had ever encountered before.”

She added, “The fluidity of the situation made autopilot impossible, which made me realize how often I do go on autopilot, in dating and otherwise. I thought more consciously about what I wanted to do or say in each moment. To whom did I want to bat my new eyelash extensions? Did I want to ask questions about him, her, or their relationship? Even small details like the seating arrangement required more active attention.”

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