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Rush Limbaugh Issues Warning For Americans About Disturbing Nativity Scene Trend On The Rise

The Nativity Scene is a popular decoration throughout the country. Mostly put into place by churches and those of the Christian faiths, other people also use them when they are working to create a magical Christmas scene either under their tree or in their backyards. When it comes to anything associated with religion, Americans tend to turn it into a political debate. It was only a matter of time before the same thing happened with this popular Christmas decoration too.

Rush Limbaugh is never shy about discussing his opinions and this earns him fans and people who strongly disagree with what he has to say. On a recent show of his, he talked about Nativity Scenes with his listeners and said that he is seeing more and more scenes that feature either two Marys or two Josephs bowing over a baby Jesus in a manger.

Some people are dubbing these alternative nativity scenes “gaytivity scenes.” Limbaugh did note that Jesus actually did have two fathers, including Joseph and God.

However, he appeared to take issue with the fact that there was no Mary present in the scenes where two men were posed with the baby Jesus. He said that there was a feminist group publicizing the “gaytivity scene,” as he referred to a recent article published on the subject on the Refinery 29 website.

Limbaugh feels that the related Tweet was a type of rot that is permeating on today’s social media feeds, resulting in a blur and obscuring of tradition and reality. He says that it is another way for people who are not considered normal to try and be normal.

He claims that this subject is blowing up Twitter, but he says that he does not know if it has any massive support or not. He told his listeners that he just wanted to make them aware of it.

It did not take long for people to hit Twitter to discuss their feelings on what Rush had to say. Many people supported the “gaytivity scene” and posted photos of their own. Some people said they had neighbors with one and they loved it. Some people used humor to essentially take shots at Rush for what he had to say. Of course, there were also plenty who agreed with Rush’s commentary on the topic.

Some people felt that the “gaytivity scene” made a mockery of what people believe in. Others believe that talking negative about them made a mockery of gay people. It was truly a mixed bag as you comb through the various Twitter conversations concerning this. It was also talked about quite a bit on Facebook and the mixed bag of responses was also found there.

At the end of the day, people can choose how they want to decorate for Christmas and how to celebrate their personal beliefs. There is nothing that all people will agree on. At this time of year, some commenters felt that people should be focused more on the spirit of giving than the type of Nativity Scene that a person chooses to display.