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Sally Field Just Came Forward With The Truth About Her Childhood, And Nobody Saw This Coming

Sally Field grew up with her stepfather Jack Mahoney. And her in her upcoming memoir, she has decided to tell the truth about their relationship. Stepfather Jack Mahoney sexually abused her repeatedly until she turned fourteen. After so many years of abuse, she underwent a “sexual awakening” in her late teens and had a secret abortion while in Mexico at the age of seventeen.

For anyone who is a fan of Sally Field or Jack Mahoney, these revelations may make you sick to your stomach. To think that Mahoney was a child molester certainly puts a stain on his legacy as an actor. Although she had asked Reynolds to read her memoir before it went to print, he refused to do it before his death, and never got to respond to the allegations against him.

The memoir details a lot of sexual activity as well as drug abuse. In one chapter, Field describes how she abused drugs to the point of unconsciousness and woke up to find singer-songwriter Jimmy Webb on top of her. He was “on top of me, grinding away to another melody.” She didn’t think he was cruel just “stoned out of his mind.”

The memoir is titled “In Pieces,” and Field conducted an interview with the New York Times recently to promote it. Because she “didn’t know (she) had a voice,” she never spoke up about the abuse Mahoney had committed to her child body. But she did tell her mother about what Jack Mahoney did to her when she was young. She spoke the truth to her mother Margaret Field when she was on her deathbed dying of cancer.

Sally, now 71, writes in her memoir, about her stepfather, nicknamed Jocko: “It would have been so much easier if I’d only felt one thing if Jocko had been nothing but cruel and frightening. But he wasn’t. He could be magical, the Pied Piper with our family as his entranced followers.”

In other words, Jack Mahoney used his charms to seduce a child into sexual relations with him when he could have had any number of adult women instead.

“I felt both a child, helpless and not a child. Powerful. This was power. And I owned it. But I wanted to be a child.”

Sally told her dying mother that Jack Mahoney had raped her many times throughout her childhood and only stopped when she hit puberty at fourteen.

Jack Mahoney married Margaret Field in 1952. He was best known for his role in “Tarzan Goes to India.” Field divorced Mahoney in 1968, and he died in 1989.

Sally remembers when her life changed. It happened when she landed the role of “Gidget” on “The Flying Nun.” From there she was launched into the celebrity stratosphere.

“I was no longer a member of the club anymore. The Human Club. I was a celebrity,” Field writes in her new memoir.

Field also had an intense, five-year romance with Burt Reynolds, who died on September 6, 2018. She admitted she wanted to recreate her relationship with her child molester stepfather.

“I was somehow exorcising something that needed to be exorcised. I was trying to make it work this time,” she told the Times.

Burt Reynolds never read her memoir.

“I felt glad he wasn’t going to read it,” she said.

Do you want to read it?