Saudi Arabia Just Made a Threat That Everyone Needs To Take Seriously : AWM

Saudi Arabia Just Made a Threat That Everyone Needs To Take Seriously

For thousands of years, there has been unrest in the Middle East, and modern times are no different. Whether there is unrest between religious factions or different countries, it is a volatile region of the world. There are a lot of combating sides and varying views of lifestyle. One of the lasting rivalries into the modern era is that of Saudi Arabia and Iran.

There is still a healthy fear of the unknown power of neighboring countries. This is made evident by comments made by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. The Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the heir to the Saudi throne, revealed a serious situation that may be taking shape in the Middle East. He discussed how his country is working to harness nuclear power in order to cut their country’s dependency on oil. Although this is a common going-on around the world, he said if a certain situation presents itself he would be forced to take action.

He made the comments that his country would create nuclear bombs in the case that the country of Iran did. He told sources of the interview that it is now what he wants but he will do what is necessary to protect his people. He compared the Supreme Leader of Iran, the Ayatollah Khamenei, to the likes of Adolf Hitler himself.

He went on to say that the world did not realize how dangerous Hitler was until he made it evident. He believes this leader wants to do in the Middle East, what Hitler wanted to do throughout Europe. He said that his actions would be dictated by the actions of their historical rival and counterpart, Iran. He says although Saudi Arabia is developing this technology for purely peaceful reasons, he will do what he has to do to protect his people from a modern day Hitler.

It is a scary world that we live in today, both foreign and domestic. There are things that we need to be careful of in our own country and in the actions of people across the planet. The biggest problem on an international setting is the acts of terrorism that are plaguing the entire world. From September 11th in New York to the recent attacks that have plagued Europe, terrorism is affecting us all.

Muslim extremists are perverting their own religion in order to serve their own agendas. They are oppressing their own people, starving them of a life, and making them choose between life and them. It is a scary thing when people use religion to justify doing horrible things to one another. It has long been done since the creation of religions. We all want to live a life that makes us happy and fulfilled without a person telling us how to live and the faith that we should have,

It will take a world of accepting people to teach the next generation of world leaders that everyone should have the freedom to live the life that they want to live. No one should be forced to defend their country with nuclear weapons because a dangerous leader is forcing their hand.