A California school district president has resigned from his post after it came to light that he invited students to come to his “gay” Christmas party to sing for the attendees. The students were going to be forced into a situation where semi-dressed “elves” served drinks to anyone who wanted them, and there was even an appearance from a “Dirty Santa” Claus who would do naughty things for the people attending the gay party.

The high-profile Democrat who has since resigned from his school district post is 62-year-old Steven Llanusa. He famous interacted with prominent Democrats like Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. He held the Christmas party with “Dirty Santa” and the half-dressed “Elves” back on December 3, 2022 – and parents were furious that some students were invited to attend the gathering that should have been only for adult revelers.

Llanusa served as the president of the Claremont Unified School District and as a board member for the past 17 years. His gay party was a fundraiser for schools, so he paid members of the school choir to come to his home and sing for the party guests even though there was a “Dirty Santa” Claus in attendance as well as scantily clad elves passing out drinks.

Parents like Gabriel Lozano were furious that students went to the gay party and had to interact with men who were not fully dressed.

“They were offered an open bar and to socialize with half-naked men, the Dirty Santa who made disgusting comments to our children,” said Gabriel Lozano, one parent, after Friday’s meeting.

Another parent, Sabrina Ho, demanded that Llanusa resigns from his post with the school district as soon as she learned what the children were subjected to at the gay Christmas party.

“Upon the student’s arrival, Mr. Llanusa invited the high school choir group into his private adult party in his home,” Ho said. “They were encouraged to take part in food and festivities. The students didn’t begin their scheduled performance until over an hour later and were offered alcohol by party guests among inappropriately dressed entertainers.”

On Friday, people in the school district were eager to see if Llanusa would attend the school board meeting. He did not appear, and the vice president, Kathy Archer, spoke up about his lack of attendance, saying: “I would like to be perfectly clear there were no other current or past board members present at that party.”

Deborah Kekone, the mother of a Chaparral Elementary School sixth grader and a 2019 CHS graduate, reported that Llanusa hosted the annual gay Christmas party where men dressed in underwear were “eye candy” for the gays.

“He always has … adult performers there dressed like that as eye candy at the party,” Kekone said. “They post pictures every single year of the party. The party wasn’t any different than any other party he’s ever had. It’s just that he decided this time to bring kids and expose them to all kinds of things that their parents were not aware of.”