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School Bully Brutally Attacks Boy, Nearly Blinds Him For Life

School bullies are the worst. They’re insecure people who feel small and decide to abuse and attack others (with their words and their fists) in order to make themselves feel big and strong. Don’t be fooled. Bullies cave as soon as they realize they are not going to have their way. However, one bully took things way too far when he punched 15-year-old Nathaniel so hard in the fact that his glasses shattered and nearly blinded him for life.

When Nathaniel Dryden got punched in the face, he felt dazed. The bully had used all the power he had to hurt the teenager. For a few moments, Nathaniel didn’t know what happened. Then he started feeling something wet on his face. Then he started seeing red. So much blood was pouring from him that he thought he was dying.

Nathaniel was minding his own business when the bully from the Merrill Academy, the school where Nathaniel studies in Shelton Lock, Derbyshire, United Kingdom came up and attacked him – not once, but twice.

The first time the bully was punished. However, the school went so easy on him, he didn’t think there were consequences for attacking Nathaniel. The next time he made sure to cause some “real damage” to the teenage boy so he would never forget “not to mess” with the bully.

Because the bully’s attack nearly blinded the boy for life, his parents are outraged, especially considering how the school’s administrators did basically nothing after the first attack. Now they’re considering moving Nathaniel to another school where he will be able to study and advance his life in peace – without the torture of the bullies from Merrill Academy.

While Nathaniel heals, he will stay home and out of the dangerous school. Thankfully, the deep gashes to his face near his eye will eventually heal. However, the emotional scars that the school’s administrators allowed to happen on their school grounds may take years or decades to heal.

The violence occurred on February 16, 2019. The bully struck him so hard in the face, his glasses shattered into dozens of pieces. He bled so much that he thought he was dying. The glass shards missed his vulnerable eye by less than an inch – it would have left the teen handicapped for the rest of his life.

This attack came less than a month before the first one. That happened on January 23, and a video of the attack went “viral” among the school and its administrators.

Nathaniel’s father, Mick, a nurse practitioner told Daily Mail what happened.

“The first attack was on the 23 of January. A lad approached my son and started punching him several times for no reason. We were told he was suspended for a period of time.”

But the school did not do enough. A few weeks later, other kids came up and, unprovoked, assaulted the boy.

“He’ll be off school for a while. I think we might be starting to look for a new school.”

What do you think about this school’s response to Nathaniel’s bully?

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