Sculpture Outside Ikea Is Causing Massive Outrage Among Local Residents, Can You See Why? : AWM

Sculpture Outside Ikea Is Causing Massive Outrage Among Local Residents, Can You See Why?

When it comes to displayed artwork, a lot of thought goes into the process and execution of pieces, considering they will be on display for the world to see. A massive sculpture that has been compared to a squash, a bowling pin and a suggestive part of the male anatomy has been placed outside of an Ikea in Burbank, California. Much to the public’s chagrin, the store will only say that it has commissioned the artwork and they will have more information at the official unveiling of the structure.

More than any of the other objects that the structure has been compared to, it looks almost like a giant penis, complete with the tip perfectly angled.

So, why on earth would Ikea decide to put such a random piece of artwork outside one of its stores?

Nobody seems to know the answer to that, but it is certainly turning a lot of heads and creating a lot of humorous puns.

Commenters feel that the structure is obviously out of place, and some are seeing the humorous side of it…

“I’m envious, I have to say,”

“I don’t understand why. Like, what is the purpose of it? And basically, I don’t know what it is.”

Ikea is a Swedish company that is known for its cost-control, easily put together furniture and modern designs. Apparently, this particular design is one of its latest and greatest, but it doesn’t seem like a lot of thought went into it before they placed it on the store’s front lawn. Hmmmm…is that the message they want to be sending?

Out of the 411 stores in 49 countries, the Burbank store certainly stands out now. Maybe this was a hidden marketing tactic to get people to come to the store to view the rare piece.

Ikea has been known for its variety of products and it’s truly a store that you can go to for nearly any household item. The store is also known for its size, which is interesting because the Burbank store, which was opened last February is the largest Ikea in the United States, encompassing 456,000 square feet. If the sculpture has anything to do with it, maybe it was the store manager’s way of announcing it as the largest store in the country?

The sculpture has certainly raised eyebrows and caused a bit of a controversy. Commenters weighed in on the odd sculpture…

“It doesn’t bother me one bit, however, don’t put up a cross because that would really piss people off.”

“It can look like anything that people wanted to look like but people got their mind in the gutter and so they want to stir up s*** to me it looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost.”

“At first I thought it look like a giant alien. Then after Reading some comments, it was proven to me that there are too many nasty thinking people in this world.”

And some commenters proved that art is determined by the person looking at it…

“I actually thought it was a sad/downtrodden person with their hands by their side….. I guess I read quite a bit into it……that’s why art is so subjective.”