Security Camera Captures Jealous Woman’s Heinous Act Towards 12-Year-Old Victim [video] : AWM

Security Camera Captures Jealous Woman’s Heinous Act Towards 12-Year-Old Victim [video]

A disturbing new video is making the rounds on the internet after a closed circuit camera records a grown woman assaulting a little girl in Pennsylvania. You are not going to believe your eyes when you watch this clip. In the video, captured on a closed circuit security camera outside of a Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania convenience store, we can see a grown man talking to a young girl who offers him some sort of food she had just purchased.

Suddenly, an adult woman runs up to the man and pushes him away, then turns and attacks the little girl.

The victim, identified as Presley Keeney, is shoved to the ground and kicked before the woman turns and flees the scene. A few short moments later, the little girl’s father comes into view and begins to look for the assailant before turning to console his daughter.

The assault occurred on May 28.

Keeney’s mother, Chere Fuller, says that the police responded and took statements from her daughter and bystanders. Unfortunately, they did not retrieve the surveillance footage. The next day, Fuller returned to the convenience store and got the video, which she then handed over to local news station WBRE. the station ran the footage, asking anyone who could identify the assailant to contact authorities.

Shortly thereafter, Fuller received a text message from the attacker’s brother. “He sent me a message and said, ‘I know who that is.’ He said, ‘I am so sorry.’ I was very grateful for that. It must have taken him a lot to say that was his sister.”

The attacker has been identified as twenty eight year old Marlenea Uravage. The man in the video was her boyfriend.

Fuller says that “She thought the man was hungry. Because she’s 12, she has an innocent mind. He walked over and said, ‘Could I get a piece of that?’ And I’m not sure he was talking about her food.”

Speaking of Uravage, Fuller asks “Who would be jealous of a 12-year-old girl?”

While Uravage remains at large for the moment, Police are on the lookout for her and expect to charge her with harassment when she is apprehended.

As this story gains momentum, people have been taking to social media and websites to comment, saying things like:

“Had that been my daughter that she pushed like that….when i found that woman id have knocked her clean out! Obviously a very troubled insecure woman.”- Fiona Milligan

“Very dangerous practice to push someone backward to the ground, that young girl could could have been left with serious head injuries.”- Geodi

“What a nice pair they are, a man that propositions a minor and a woman that assaults one.”- Robyn Jay

“What kind of a scumbag human assaults a 12 year old girl minding her own business? This woman is clearly mentally unstable to react in such a vicious unprovoked way! Vile woman!”- Pixiepops

“Harassment charge? She assaulted a child! That little girl could have been seriously hurt. The police did not obtain the tapes, the Mom had to take off work to do so, and they are only going to charge her with harassment, not abuse of a child? What is wrong with the police in this town?”- Delsina363

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