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Security Camera Catches A Dog Walking Into A Store On His “Special Mission”

Pet owners can train their dogs to do all sorts of things. I’ve seen a video on the internet that showed how one man trained his dog to “fetch” a beer for him from the fridge. That meant the dog owner did not have to rise from his chair while the football game was playing. While that is certainly a great trick, other people are able to train dogs to monitor owners’ health conditions and even to help people deal with debilitating symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health issues.

But this dog doesn’t have such a noble cause. While it is not clear if he was trained for his “mission” or caught on naturally, he certainly does not hesitate to break into the retail location and go about his business, snagging what he wanted from shelves.

Although a shoplifter would probably be looking over their shoulders as they went about the store trying to snag what they wanted, this dog does not have the same level of doubt. He has complete confidence about what he is doing. He doesn’t realize it is “wrong” to take things from a store without paying. This dog just knows that it is what he wants to do. That’s why this dog got away with what he wanted. Because he went around the store without a hint of doubt, no human noticed him as he went about his business. Instead, only his theft was caught on security camera footage. That’s why it was even funnier. Not one person observed the dog browsing the shelves and taking what he wanted for his Christmas theft.

So what exactly did this dog want to grab? It was a delightful Christmas treat for himself. Because the dog knew that it was the season for gifts, he decided to grab himself something special before Santa got around to coming to his house with his sleigh.

You can watch the dog contemplating which snack would be the most delicious. Because no one was closely monitoring him, he had free reign to choose what he wanted. That meant he could grab a bag of doggie treats or a steak if he dared. And did he dare?

As the cameras continued to roll, the dog paced the aisles looking around and smelling what he could. Despite having so many options all around him, this dog knew exactly what he was looking for. That meant he just needed to follow his nose to get his jaws on the treasure he wanted.

To my surprise, the dog sauntered right past the meat aisle. You’d think that a dog would want to grab a slab of steak or a package of ground pork. But that’s not what he wanted. Instead, he made straight for the doggie treat aisle and found what he had been craving all along – a delicious rawhide bone for himself.

Thankfully, this dog’s shenanigans were caught on camera and shared with the world via the internet. What do you think about the way this dog went for what he wanted in the store?

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