Security Was Suspicious When They Saw His 45 Bottles Of Shampoo. When They Opened One, They Saw Why : AWM

Security Was Suspicious When They Saw His 45 Bottles Of Shampoo. When They Opened One, They Saw Why

When airport security noticed someone bringing two dozen shampoo bottles through the scanner, they knew that something was up. What person travels with that much shampoo unless they’re dealing the stuff out at a great price? But these airport security guards knew that they had to investigate further once they realized that the liquid inside the bottles was not what they expected.

The Colombian citizen that was bringing these shampoo bottles through airport security got stopped for a more thorough check. That’s when it was discovered that the material inside the bottles was actually liquid cocaine and not shampoo. After the final count, authorities confiscated a whopping thirty-five pounds of the liquid narcotic, which would have been worth as much as $400,000 on the black market.

Fortunately, the United States Customs and Border Protection agents knew to check these bottles more closely. The security agents pulled the young 26-year-old suspect aside as he collected his checked baggage at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

When officers questioned the suspect, he did not provide the answers they wanted to hear. This led them to a further investigation through his belongings that included a thorough search of the contents of his bags, which ended up carrying hundreds of thousands of dollars of liquid cocaine that he was trying to smuggle across the American border.

Airport security found twenty-four plastic shampoo bottles loaded with the drug in its liquid form. The K9 sniffer dog identified the contents as cocaine, which then led the authorities to bring the substance to a lab. It didn’t take them long to confirm what the dog already knew – that this 26-year-old Colombian was carrying a lot of drugs into the United States of America.

The authorities immediately deported the suspect back to Colombia, where it is unknown if he will receive any kind of punishment. Meanwhile, the cocaine was handed over to the Houston Police Department.

“Our officers are the first line of defense at our port of entry, so they are trained in the various smuggling methods people use to bring illicit goods into the United States,” CBP Port Director Shawn Polley said.

He added, “We take every opportunity to intercept those illicit goods before they enter our communities. In this case, it was thirty-five pounds of liquid cocaine.”

Polley has handled a lot of drugs throughout his career, but this haul was one of the biggest, if not the biggest, he ever had to deal with.

The Houston police were shocked to see so much liquid cocaine in the shampoo bottles.

A report of the incident said, “Liquid cocaine is a novel method for smuggling drugs. Cocaine powder can be dissolved in a variety of solvents to produce a liquid form, which later is converted back to powder.”

It was added, “Liquid cocaine’s radiologic properties are different than those of cocaine powder, making it harder to detect on abdominal plain films.”

CBP spokeswoman Yolanda Choates said:

“Using shampoo, children’s toys, and different foods to mask the drug is typical. Houston has also found cocaine concealed within wrapped candy and tacos.”

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