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See The Heart-Tugging Reason This Video Is The Most Shared Fist Bump In History

The “fist bump” has become a popular move. It is a sign of mutual respect and can denote affection. The origin of the fist bump hails from the boxing ring when boxers would face off with each other and bump fists before the bell would ring and the match would commence. President Obama made it famous again back in 2012, a few decades after basketball star Fred Carter brought it to national attention in the 1970s.

The fist bump is a simple way to let another person know that you’re on the same page. You both “get it” and you’re united in something, whether it be a struggle or the agreement that you won’t hit below the belt. It lets people know that they belong and are connected to humanity at large.

That’s why the video of this 34-year-old woman going in for a fist bump with an infant has become a viral sensation. Although the woman is a near stranger to the boy, who is just one, the video proves that the human connection, and the fist bump as a virtue of that, goes beyond knowledge and understanding. It is elemental and true, and something we all desire no matter who we are.

The video was recorded during a meeting between the woman and the baby. They were united as part of The Lucky Fin Project. This non-profit organization introduces people who have limb differences. And at the end of one of these meetings, one-year-old Joseph Tidd was not yet ready to leave. He wanted to say goodbye to everyone he had met. And during one of these fond farewells, Joseph was shocked as a woman, with the same limb difference as him, approached with a smile.

Joseph is a delightful baby and very cute. So when he saw that the woman struggle with the same problem he did, he was eager to connect.

The stranger, 34-year-old mom Amy Siesel, was missing her right arm, while Joseph was missing his left. In a way, they completed each other.

Siesel was born without the limb because her mother took medicine to avoid nausea while pregnant with Siesel. At the time, it was not known how dangerous this chemical was for the unborn baby, and Siesel suffered the consequences of the pharmaceutical company’s shortsightedness.

In the video, Siesel reaches out her affected limb and indicates that she wants to do a “fist bump” with him before she leaves. Joseph’s reaction takes everyone by surprise.

Although he is young, Joseph understood what Siesel was going through. He realized that she was like him. So he came forward and enveloped Siesel in a loving hug.

Seisel was shocked. She had expected an innocent fist bump not this proclamation that she and he shared the same struggle in life. It was affirming and emotional, and Seisel broke down in tears because of it. She and Joseph were not alone after all.

The heartwarming moment was caught on video. Check it out below.

What do you think about this “fist bump” caught on tape?

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