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See The Performance That Got Simon To Walk On Stage And Congratulate The Performer

Some talented musicians have worked for years and years at their craft, finally reaching a point where their talent comes close to matching their aspirations. Others have the gift from above and are seemingly able to play music like a virtuoso without much training or effort at all. When Tim and Jack Goodacre took the stage, the judges of Britain’s Got Talent didn’t expect much from the father-son duo.

Jack was just 12-years-old for their appearance on the popular show, but don’t let the age fool you. While some young musicians become popular because they are so small and cute, Jack truly has the skills to back up his place on the show.

He may be more than 3 decades younger than his father, but they have connected on a musical level unlike any duo in recent memory. To show off for the judges, they decided to play an original – a risky choice on any talent show.

“The Lucky Ones” is about suffering through loss and figuring out how to make it out the other side intact. Those are heavy themes for such a young boy, but he manages to portray emotions in his music that few of us could imagine.

While they knew the song was touching and could have an emotional impact on the judges and audience, they never expected what was to come at the end of their performance. The duo sings and plays together in perfect harmony, playing off of each other with an improvisational flair that only experienced musicians usually experience.

At first, they didn’t think they had what it takes to make it big on a huge show like this. They decided to audition only after a ton of encouragement from loving family and friends. But even their fans had no idea what was to come when Simon finally heard their beautiful song!

“We’ve all had family losses and things like that, and as a father and son – it’s a father-son and family song. It’s about us,” his father said about the heartfelt song.

When they began to play, everyone in the audience quickly forgot whatever they were thinking of before. Even the judges can only sit slack-jawed, seemingly stunned at their display of talent and emotion.

They sang their hearts out about love, loss and moving forward when you are facing insurmountable odds. Anyone who has experienced the loss of a close family member or friend can relate to these mature themes, even as they are being sung by a 12-year-old. Age doesn’t determine maturity – only experience can give you the perspective to see what is really important in this world.

While the crowd clearly loved the song, Tim and Jack eagerly awaited the judge’s response tot heir performance. Simon Cowell has been known to be surly and negative ever since he first appeared on American Idol. But even he was stunned by their performance and even rang out the golden buzzer for them!

The “Golden Buzzer” first appeared in Britain’s Got Talent in 2014 and allows one judge to override the others and guarantee an act a place in the semi-finals. Simon knew these two had what it takes to move on in the contest so he made sure they would get there!

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