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See The Political Ad That Got Banned Because It Has Been Labeled “Hate Speech”

Michael Williams currently serves as a State Senator in Georgia, but he has his sights set on something far greater. He is now running a gubernatorial campaign in his home state, and has started a marketing campaign that is quickly lighting the internet on fire. Some are furious, others are proud – and many of us are a bit confused as to the current state of politics in America.

Williams recently released an advertisement on Youtube showcasing the centerpiece of his entire campaign. It’s not a strong policy opinion or support for the common man – he is purely running on a platform against illegal immigration.

The centerpiece is his “deportation bus,” for sending “illegals back where they came from,” according to the advertisement.

“We’re not just going to track them or watch them roam around our state. We’re going to put them on this bus, and send them home,” he said.

The bus is large, gray and reminiscent of a prison bus – clearly an intended effect. The back has warning signs, including things like, “DANGER! Murderers, rapists, kidnappers, child molesters and other criminals on board” and “Follow me to Mexico.”

Clearly, Williams is putting all his eggs in one basket, but the attempted viral marketing campaign tripped over its own feet right off the bat.

Within days, the advertisement was taken down by Youtube for violating its policy on hate speech. While they didn’t clarify the exact instances of hate speech yet, it’s not impossible to see why this video got red-flagged.

He claims to be visiting the “most dangerous sanctuary cities in the state,” including Clarkston. The mayor of Clarkston has concerns of his own about the aggressive rallying cry, and he has alerted police that immigration vigilantes could attempt to put legal immigrants on the bus as well.

President Donald Trump made this type of rhetoric a key part of his campaign, and Williams was the Georgia co-chair for the Trump campaign. It’s easy to see why Williams is attempting to stew up anger in the Georgia populace over illegal immigration.

If people think that illegal immigrants are the ones taking their jobs, keeping their wages down and committing violent crime, they probably won’t care as much that income equality has risen a dramatic amount in recent history.

They also probably won’t care that the standard of living for low to moderate income Americans has grown at a snail’s pace, despite vast increases in productivity for those populations. If you want to know where all that productivity growth went, look at the heads of these corporations.

Wages have been actively suppressed for the vast majority of the population in order for those at the top to see greater and greater gains. Perhaps you imagine yourself as one of those corporate leaders someday, using your own power and money to subjugate those beneath you. But the vast likelihood is that you will continue to get pushed over by those with the economic means until our country reaches a breaking point.

The concerns about illegal immigration are absolutely valid, but making it about how they are rapists, criminals and murderers just adds to the firestorm around the issue already. Perhaps if it was framed in a more bipartisan manner, there would actually be some progress on deporting the illegal immigrants. But for now, it seems that conservatives are happy just to rile up the left.

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