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See Which Country Has Developed An Invisible Material And Plans to Build Fighter Jets From It

Building invisible weapons has always been a dream of the military. According to a Chinese broadcaster, China has built an assembly line that is designed to mass produce cutting-edge ‘super materials’ that can perform something that has always been considered impossible. Located in a lab in Shenzhen one of the materials manufactured renders objects invisible and there is speculation that the ‘metamaterial’ will be used on the J-20s, which is the country’s war planes.

These ‘metamaterials,’ also known as ‘super materials,’ are a new class of finely engineered surfaces that have properties not made from conventional materials, including some that will have the ability to create invisible cloaks, by bending infrared radiation. And allegedly, these materials have been made in bulk.

In the video below, you can see Materials Science Doctor, Jin Xi, accompanied by a team as they feed pieces of the material from one machine to another. The pieces are 80cm long and 60cm wide and are plated with bronze and are expected to be used as the base material for the ‘super material.’

Adding to the base material is a layer of special film that will show 20,000 patterns once exposed to light. These tiny patterns are said to be as small as 0.2 square millimeters. The vast amount microstructures that they contain will make them invisible to the human eye.

While the report didn’t share what type of ‘super materials’ they were making, they did confirm that they were developed to better the country’s aviation industry. This same report also shared that the materials would be used for military purposes.

According to a report, the lab that is being used to create these ‘super materials’ is the State Key Labratory of Metamaterial Electromagnetic Modulation Technology in Shenzhen, which was established in 2011 as a state-funded lab.

China’s J-20 stealth fighter jets are operated by the Chinese Air Force and were commissioned into military service last year. The maiden flight of the J-20 was made in 2011 and it’s capable of carrying several types of air-to-air missiles. It’s been compared to the F-22 Raptor in America, having similar combat capabilities.

Commenters had a lot to say about the invisible materials and some compared China’s progress to America’s lack of progress…

“Meanwhile, USA is spending millions on gender studies and cant decide which bathroom to use, while Russia and China are leaping way ahead.”

“For true invisibility as they suggest, it wouldn’t be just about bending light, which I guess they mean like a fibre optic light guide. Every photon would have to get its angle of entry measured, its exit point calculated, and the photon guided to that exit point. By talking about bending light, I guess they’re trying to press the buttons of the sheeple’s Science Fiction saturated mind, and particularly the movie Predator 2. Making a subliminal link to fictional “Alien Technology” and the Elite’s world government justifying hoax alien threat. The Elite cleverly use weaknesses in their Alien deception to their advantage. As “UFOs” were often seen around military bases, being in reality part of the massively funded b lack projects, the controlled media disseminated the idea of “reversed engineered alien craft”. As they have to produce propaganda in the media to shape you into believers, they created the idea of “Controlled Disclosure.”