Sex Offender Tries To Kidnap 2 Small Kids From Playground, Fails To Notice One Little Thing : AWM

Sex Offender Tries To Kidnap 2 Small Kids From Playground, Fails To Notice One Little Thing

While lurking about Lake Elsinore, a man was acting very suspicious. Thankfully Good Samaritans were on the lookout and kept a close eye on 29-year-old Marcus DeWitt. At 11:30 am, DeWitt allegedly tried to kidnap two young children from Rosetta Canyon Sports Park. One look at his criminal record makes him a suspicious fellow – he’s a registered sex offender with a penchant for the unsavory.

DeWitt was spotted loitering around the children’s play area at the park when Good Samaritans noticed what was happening. DeWitt was seen grabbing at a 3-year-old boy and trying to pull him out of the play area. Thankfully, he was not successful.

Despite his failed attempt a kidnapping, DeWitt was not done for the day. He had come all the way to the park with a very clear mission. He wanted to take someone else’s child home with him that do and engage in unspeakable acts – or so it seems. Why are we able to make such a claim? Because after he failed to yank the preschool-aged boy from the play area, DeWitt set his sights on another boy, 4, and cajoled him into leaving the park with him. Whether he promised his candies or puppies, it is not clear, but DeWitt picked up the four-year-old boy and started to run from the area with him in tow.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department reported that the boy’s parents were watching their son closely. They refused to let the registered sex offender make off with their child. As they witnessed DeWitt trying to steal away with their child, they jumped into action and thwarted his evil intentions.

“The victim’s parents and other family members saw the abduction, were able to catch DeWitt and wrestle the boy away from him,” the Sheriff’s Department said.

After this altercation, DeWitt realized that his mission had failed. He was not going to leave the Rosetta Canyon Sports Park with any little boy this day. He tried to flee the scene and come back to do it all over again.

However, the victim’s family would not abide by such a thing. They had just witnessed what he was trying to do to their four-year-old boy, and they would not be able to live with themselves if he did that to another person’s child.

The Sheriff’s Department said, “DeWitt attempted to leave the area, but was subdued by a member of the boy’s family.”

Because everyone in the park had witnessed the incident escalate, they wanted to help as well. When the family member wrestled DeWitt to the pavement, other Good Samaritans rushed over to help. Park goers detained DeWitt until Sheriff’s Deputies arrived on the scene ready to take action. Because his story had been witnessed by so many, DeWitt did not have a fighting chance. The Deputies arrested him and booked him at the Cois Byrd Detention Center.

Thankfully, no children were abducted or hurt. The victim’s family members managed to be there to stop the horrific incident from becoming much worse than it was.

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