Shane Catches Pedophiles And Brings Them To Justice. Now One Of Them Is Bringing Him To Court : AWM

Shane Catches Pedophiles And Brings Them To Justice. Now One Of Them Is Bringing Him To Court

Shane Brannigan has one passion in life – to bring justice to the pedophiles of the world. After catching pedophile Andrew Vaughn in the act, he managed to hold the child predator down for thirty minutes while he waited for police to come and take him away. However, justice is never so cut and dry. Although Vaughn was intent on raping children, Brannigan now faces charges of his own for using excessive force during the citizen’s arrest.

Although Vaughn was convicted and imprisoned for sexual communication with a child, Brannigan is now under fire for using violence to subdue the pedophile back on October 25, 2017, when he conducted his citizen’s arrest of Vaughn, the child prowler.

Brannigan proclaims himself a pedophile hunter who captured Vaughn, the child sex offender during an online sting operation that ultimately led to putting the child predator behind bars. But since Brannigan used “Wild West-style” tactics to conduct a citizen’s arrest of Andrew Vaughn, he attracted some unwanted legal attention himself.

Although Vaughn was sending lewd videos of himself to what he thought was an underage girl, he was really sending the disgusting content to Brannigan and a fellow member of the “N*nce Haters’ Association,” which serves the purpose of putting pedophiles behind bars for as long as the law will allow.

Brannigan, 41, traveled from his home in West Yorkshire, the UK to Bournemouth, Dorset to trap Vaughn while the police arrived to issue their arrest of the child predator.

However, in a twist of fate that could deter other brave citizens from helping police catch serial child pedophiles, Brannigan is facing charges due to detaining Vaughn for 30 minutes while he waited for the police to arrive on the scene.

Vaught told the jury about how Brannigan went after him.

“The two men got into my car and got hold of me. They would not let go. I just wanted to go to my house. Mr. Brannigan had me in a headlock, and I panicked. I was fearing for my life and was actually relieved when the police arrived because that made them stop.”

During the trial at Bournemouth Crown Court, the jury heard how Brannigan and his accomplice waited for 49-year-old Vaughn to return home. When his car pulled up, they forced their way into it and confronted him, threatening him while they waited for cops to arrive and arrest the pedophile.

Vaughn, now a convicted sex offender, complained to the jury about how Brannigan had been too rough during the confrontation.

Prosecutor Robert Bryan said that although Vaughn’s crime was “unpalatable,” the CPS was forced to charge Brannigan with false imprisonment because he became a “vigilante” of justice and acted outside the law.

“This case concerns what was once called a citizen’s arrest. As you can imagine, this is heavily regulated by the law, and you cannot use excessive force when making an arrest. People can’t put themselves above the law and become vigilantes. We have police officers for a reason. This is not the Wild West. This is still the case, no matter how unpalatable the offense is.”

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