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She Admits She’s Pregnant With Her 17th Child, That’s Where Things Start To Take A Strange Turn

We all have different preferences when it comes to deciding how large or small we want our families to be. If you came from a large family with a lot of siblings, then you may choose to have a smaller family of your own, opting for a little more quiet time than what you were used to growing up. And if you were an only child, you may want to have several children, giving your own children the siblings that you never had.

When a couple has a lot of children, they sometimes become instant celebrities, as people are amazed and fascinated with their ability to juggle all the tasks involved in having more than the popular family four-packs…mom, dad, and two children. The Duggar family is well-known for having 19 children, all having names that begin with the letter J and they’ve become sort of like a circus act…people watch them with intense curiosity.

But there is another family who has recently become quite famous. The Radford family, who is Britain’s largest family, stars in the hit documentary, 17 Kids and Counting. The show follows Sue and Noel Radford and their 16, going on 17 children. The couple had only planned on having three children but they quickly got addicted to meeting and raising their offspring that they kept on going, and we aren’t sure if they have any plans of stopping in the near future. While most would accuse a family of such size as being reliant on state benefits, the Radfords are different and they are well known for supporting themselves and working hard at their successful bakery business.

As Sue and Noel continue to grow their family, their daughter, Sophie is joining them on the joys of pregnancy, as she just announced she was pregnant with her second child at the same time Sue, 39, discovered she was pregnant with her 17th. The mother and daughter are learning how to navigate being pregnant together, and the video below chronicles their adventures.

The video starts out with Sue and Sophie comparing their bumps. Evidently, Sophie had taken a contraceptive injection, but it didn’t work as well as predicted.

Sue had a miscarriage a few months back and she and Noel were certain that there wouldn’t be any more children.

“I thought our 16th child was our last, but Sue is pregnant which is great,” said Noel. “And who knows, maybe this won’t be our last.”

This isn’t the first time that Sue and Sophie have been pregnant at the same time. Just two years ago they gave birth to Casper and Daisy within one month of each other.

The mother-daughter pregnant duo is happy about their growing bumps. They discuss who has the bigger bump and they talk about how pregnant bellies grow faster the more babes you have.

“I just love watching the bump grow,” said Sue. “We are going to be beached whales together.”

Sue admits that they are addicted to having babies, as she has been pregnant for half of her life.

So, while some women loathe being pregnant, it’s obvious that the women in this family love it.