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She Always Woke Up Feeling Groggy Until She Set Up A Hidden Camera And Sees The Truth

The results of a survey indicated that only about one in seven Americans wake up feeling refreshed each morning. The reason for this terrible number is that most people do not give themselves enough time to get a restful night of sleep. As a result, Americans are tired most of the week. This increases the number of errors made at work, the amount of car accidents on the road, and the toll stress has on our emotions.

Because a mother at the fitness blog Fit Momma woke up tired every morning, she needed to know why. She touted getting enough rest in her writing and felt like she was not practicing what she preached. She decided to get to the bottom of her problem and figure out once and for all why she never woke feeling refreshed. That’s why she planted a hidden camera in her bedroom.

After planting the camera on her ceiling, the mom named Melanie fell asleep. In the morning she vowed to review the footage and see why she slept so terribly. And she did.

But what she saw on camera shocked her. The footage starts off with Melanie falling asleep around 10 pm. But shortly after she closes her eyes, something happens that many parents can relate to.

Not long after falling asleep, Melanie gets out of bed and leaves the room. A short time later she returns holding a crying baby. It took her a long time, but eventually, she calmed her son down. And after that ordeal, she was too exhausted to take the risk and bring him back to his crib. Instead, she takes the baby into her bed and snuggles up next to him.

Melanie seems to sleep for some of the time, but every time her son squirms about, her motherly instincts kick in, and she wakes up to make sure he doesn’t fall off the side of the bed and injure himself.

While a crying baby is enough to keep any mother up all night, Melanie’s night is only getting started. The hidden camera footage proves that her tiredness is completely justified. No wonder she has no energy during the day with a night like that. It’s amazing!

Nevertheless, Melanie survives the night and then works hard as a blogger during the day producing content to inspire other moms to live their best life.

Melanie uploaded the video below to YouTube and quickly received millions of hits. The footage was captured while her husband was traveling, so she had to deal with her children alone.

Melanie wrote, “My husband is traveling for work. My 10 Months old still isn’t sleeping through the night and my two year (old) has an ear infection. For my personal curiosity of how much sleep I have actually been getting I duct taped our Nest Cam to the ceiling. What you are about to witness is real video footage of how my night went.”

Can you relate to Melanie’s struggle or do you know someone who would?