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She Asked Her Friend To Look After A Strange Box, But When She Opened It She Dialed 911

When a woman got a hint that the police were going to conduct a raid on her home, she asked her friend to help. She gave the friend a box, which she said contained all her sex toys – items she did not want police touching during the search of her home. While it was certainly true that the woman did not want the police finding the contents of the box, the thing inside was most certainly not a sex toy as described – it was a rotting human head.

The woman gave the friend the box containing the head prior to the police search of her home. The incident took place at a home in Castro Urdiales in northern Spain. Because the police were searching her home after the woman’s partner “voluntarily” disappeared, she told the friend to look after her collection of sex toys because she didn’t want to be embarrassed and have photos of her collection all over the news and internet.

However, a bad smell was coming from the box. The friend was too curious to let it be, so the friend opened the box. That’s when they found the severed, rotting head of the woman’s missing lover.

Police believe that the head had been in the box since April, hence the gruesome, foul smell.

The woman who handed off the decapitated head to her friend has been identified by her first name only. She is 61-year-old Carmen M. Although police are still trying to confirm who the head belongs to, the primary suspicion is that it must belong to Carmen’s 67-year-old partner who has been missing since February.

Police told local reporters that the woman who discovered the severed head rotting in the box had to be treated by paramedics for a panic attack. The friend who opened the box lives in the same seaside town as the suspected murderer. The resort town is called Castro Urdiales and is near Santander.

Now that the head has been found, a court is looking into charges against the woman who is now the prime suspect in a murder.

A spokesperson for the Civil Guard from Santander said, “A woman has been arrested following the discovery of a human head in a box at a property in Castro Urdiales. Another woman raised the alarm after opening the box and discovering what it contained inside.”

As soon as it became clear that there was a head in a box, members of the Civil Guard raced to the house where it was being kept on Saturday. It is not clear how long the head was kept at the friend’s property, but it is thought to have been there for a while.

The victim, 67, who disappeared in February is thought to be of Spanish nationality. His identity has not been released, but tests are being run on the rotting human head to see if they can identify who it belonged to.

What do you think about this horrific murder and the details coming out of the case from Spain?

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