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She Asked Her Gynecologist About Her Stomach Pain. Then The Doctor Started Pulling Animal Hair Out

Pain can come from any number of sources. As a symptom, it can be very challenging to identify from where it originates. But anyone who suffers from chronic or acute pain knows that they want answers quickly. It is not something they can afford to ignore for long, especially when it begins to affect other areas of their life. Doctors often struggle to identify the source of pain because it is such a general thing – but when it comes to stomach pain, doctors often seem at a loss for answers.

When Michelle Barrow started having a stomachache that would not go away, she decided to talk about it with her doctor finally. During her annual exam with the gynecologist, Michelle mentioned the constant dull ache in her lower abdomen. And that’s when her world got turned upside down.

Michelle’s story was originally featured in a September 2015 article in XOJane, a woman’s magazine. But it has recently resurfaced and is reaching an entirely new audience of women across the country. And everyone needs to hear Michelle’s unique story.

The gynecologist first suspected that Michelle had ovarian cysts. She began an examination inside her vagina and noticed something unusual. Inside Michelle had a collection of strange hairs.

“She began the exam and immediately starts muttering to herself, ‘What is that? I’ve never seen anything like that. What the heck IS that thing?’” Michelle wrote in her XOJane article.

The doctor suspected the hairs came from a tampon. She believed that fibers from a tampon were torn off after getting tangled in the strings of Michelle’s IUD, a contraceptive device. The doctor continued to pull the hairs from her insides. And at the end, she showed Michelle a two-inch-long ball of fur that was the exact same gray color as Michelle’s cat, Donut.

Michelle shared the thoughts that were going through her mind when she learned that she had a fur ball stuck inside her sexual organ for a month.

“Holy s*** that is cat hair there has been a ball of cat hair inside me for a month!”

How did this happen? Michelle had invited her two cats, Donut and Cricket, to sleep in bed with her and her fiancé. She now believes that after Donut’s hair shed, it attached to her fiancé’s penis and was inserted into her during lovemaking. The cat hairs then attached to the string of her contraceptive device and began to accumulate. After a long time of the hair collecting inside her, a ball of fur grew larger and larger.

Now Michelle cleans her bed sheets more often. And she no longer lets the cats snuggle up under the covers with her. They are only allowed on the top quilt.

“Sex was definitely touch-and-go for the first few weeks after my appointment, and I can’t say I blame my fiancé for being a little turn off by the thought.”

Thankfully, Michelle’s pain was resolved once the doctor took the cat hair out of her uterus. And Michelle also learned a lesson from it all.

“The moral of the story is that vaginas are crazy mysterious enigmas that we will never really understand, so we may as well just write about how weird they are on the internet.”