While working security in a New York library, the female security guard had other things on her mind. She was going through a checklist of things she had to get done after work when she heard a disturbance near the computers. A 52-year-old security guard, Sandra Wilson, approached a young man who was blasting his music. Because this was a library, Wilson did what any other library employee would have done – she told the young man to please turn his music down.

25-year-old Blanchard Glaudin grinned at Wilson. Then without turning down his music, he withdrew a kitchen knife and stuck it into the security guard. The attack occurred in the middle of the day on Tuesday at Finkelstein Memorial Library in Spring Valley, New York.

Wilson screamed when the knife was plunged into her body. And the wound would prove deep and deadly as she would succumb to the injuries shortly thereafter.

Spring Valley Police Chief Paul Modica told the news sources reporting on the act of violence that Wilson simply asked the attacker to turn down his music. That was all.

“He was walking just a few feet away,” Police Chief Modica said. “She was at the computer terminals and told him he had to turn it down. That was it.”

An eyewitness, Luis Velasquez, heard blood-curdling screams. He was working at one of the computers and was jolted out of a daze when the screams came from the upstairs section of the library. It was the scream of a woman who had just been stabbed with a kitchen knife for no good reason.

“I looked up to see what was going on, and I saw the person on top of someone else, stabbing them,” Velasquez said to the Journal News in his native Spanish.

The suspect then fled for the library door. However, other patrons refused to let the killer leave the scene. They heroically detained Glaudin until the police could arrive.

“Everything happened really fast,” Velasquez added.

Wilson had recently become a grandmother. Medics arrived as quickly as possible and rushed her to the nearest hospital. But the wounds were deep and brutal. She was unable to survive. The frenzied attack left the grandmother mutilated and in poor condition. She was unable to pull through despite the hospital’s best efforts.

“They came out and said they couldn’t save her,” Wilson’s mother, Shirley Wilson, told ABC News. “I just can’t believe she’s gone.”

Joel Barrientos, a regular patron to the library, said he was at the location on Tuesday. He spoke to the victim before the attack.

“Nice lady,” he said. “Very nice woman.”

The library branch remains an extremely popular location that serves a diverse community of people. On Wednesday, people gathered outside of the location to pay their respects to the murdered security guard.

“This is a place where it should not be where we’re going to need additional security just to protect us,” Wilson’s friend, Oney Barron, told ABC News.

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