She Asked The Hairdresser To Do “Something Different” And Now Her Family Doesn’t Recognize Her : AWM

She Asked The Hairdresser To Do “Something Different” And Now Her Family Doesn’t Recognize Her

Gray hair is just one of many things that become a reality as you get older. From back pain to retirement plans, old age is a lot less fun than anybody would imagine. It’s also a time of freedom, of peace and celebration of a life well-lived. But just because you are older doesn’t mean you need to give up on having fun!

Susan recently told her husband that she was thinking about getting a new look. He was totally into it and helped her get in touch with The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins.

We’ve featured Hopkins amazing transformations many times before, and this one is just as stunning! Susan had no idea what was right around the corner for her.

She traveled with her sister to visit Hopkins all the way from her hometown in Wisconsin. Susan desperately wanted a big change to her appearance and Hopkins was happy to oblige!

Hopkins took her simple instructions and ran with it. First, he analyzed her look and gave himself some time to think it over. He’s really an artist as much as he is a cosmetologist and these things don’t just happen right away – it takes time.

Susan has an amazing personality and a friendly demeanor, but Chris pointed out that her hair totally didn’t match that at all. It’s true, the drab gray certainly takes away from her happy nature and that’s just a crime.

Hopkins works miracles, but Susan didn’t need anything too drastic. She’s a very attractive woman, but he just wants to bring out the absolute best in his clients.

He could have stuck to a simple brown or blonde, but Hopkins had something special in mind for this important client. He decided to dye her hair a bright, fiery red and she couldn’t be happier!

Her springy, curly hair turned to a beautiful, perky red and soon it was time for the cut itself. But before that, she got her eyebrows fixed up perfectly. She’s already on her way!

You’ll be able to see the final result of her makeover in the amazing video below and trust me – you don’t want to miss it! Pictures don’t do Hopkins work justice, he truly works magic on these older men and women.

“It’s wonderful, and everybody here at Revamp has been really incredible. This is better, times one-hundred than we ever imagined! Thank you very much,” she tells Hopkins once he is finally finished with his masterpiece.

“It’s going to be a long process to learn and incorporate,” Susan continues, describing the complicated styling process they went through. “I have a feeling we’re going to need to come back for repeated and remedial assistance.”

Susan was all smiles as the chair finally turned around and she was able to see her brand-new self. While it may take some extra time to get ready in the morning, she looks like a whole different person and that’s worth every second!

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