She Asks Her How Long It Takes To Go 80 Miles At 80MPH, Her Response Has Me In Stitches : AWM

She Asks Her How Long It Takes To Go 80 Miles At 80MPH, Her Response Has Me In Stitches

Jesse Watters does it best. When he takes his microphone onto the streets and beaches of America’s hot spots, he asks everyday citizens basic questions that they should know. Things like who did America fight during the War of Independence. Or who was the first president of the United States. The answers are the British and George Washington bay the way. We learn basic history facts like this when we’re in grade school. Yet many people don’t have this basic knowledge. And the same goes for math skills. Math has a way of intimidating people. And in the video below, you’ll laugh at how bad this young woman is at arithmetic. Check it out now.

While the video is certainly funny, it is also depressing. To know that people like this young woman with such mediocre math skills are adults who vote goes to show you that America has a long way to go if we hope to remain the greatest country in the world. Education needs to be invested in. And we need to change how we do it, or America risks having a population of people like this woman who don’t know basic math skills.

In the video, the woman behind the wheel asks her passenger a simple question.

“If you’re traveling at 80 miles per how, how long will it take to travel 80 miles?”

The answer should be simple. It should take no time at all to calculate it. And if the person does hesitate to answer the question, it should only be because they are trying to make sure it isn’t a trick question as the question is super simple.

But that’s not what is happening to the young woman in the video. She is stumped. The math problem is too advanced for her. And this is something an elementary school student should be able to solve.

The video was uploaded to the internet back in 2012. And hopefully in the five years since it was uploaded, the young woman in the passenger seat has advanced her math skills. If not, we have lost all hope in our citizens.

Nearly 6 million people have watched this 2 minute clip at the time of this writing. And everybody is laughing at how stumped this young woman is.

Some funny comments were shared at the bottom of the video. Here were some of the most popular thoughts contributed by viewers like you:

“These are the kind of people who eat cereal with a fork.”

“She doesn’t even realize when she finally gets it!”

“I would love to date that dumb girl!”

“my kind of girl,  stoner, cute,  and won’t give me any s**t… if she does,  I’ll just ask her,  how much would a pound of butter weigh.”

One person tried to defend her answer.

“This is a trick question because this assumes that you stay at a constant of 80 mph, and that you aren’t pulled over for speeding.”

Do you still have faith in humanity? Or do Americas need to step their game up?