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She Ate Half A Cake In Walmart, But It’s Her Next Move That Got Her Banned For Life

Employees who earn their living at Walmart see people from all walks of life. That’s one of the best things about Walmart stores. It is the grand-leveler when it comes to retailers. You’ll find millionaires shopping alongside people on welfare, and you’ll meet your fair share of people who are downright out of their minds. One Texas Walmart was left with no choice after a woman walked into the store, ate half of a cake, and then demanded that management give her half off the price, which was absolutely outrageous.

The cake-eating incident happened on June 25 when the Wichita Falls Police Department received an urgent call from the local Walmart retail center. The manager, who was on the phone, was out of breath and reported that the woman had busted into the store at about 8 pm, ate half of a cake, and then demanded that she get a discount for the damaged goods.

Officer Jeff Hughes, a spokesman for the Wichita Falls Police Department, has spoken to the Wichita Falls Times Record News about the incident and how the woman ate the Walmart cake while walking around the store, completing her other shopping tasks.

However, the woman finally made her way to the register. She loaded all the items onto the conveyer belt and put the half-eaten cake on their last. When the cashier rang in the cake, the woman acted surprised. Then she asked why she was being charged for a full cake if half of it was missing, even if it was eaten by her during her shopping excursion throughout the store.

The incident became so heated that the police had to be called. When the cops arrived, they made it clear that the woman was expected to pay for the half of the cake that she ate while shopping. The woman then complied with the request and was subsequently banned from ever shopping at that Walmart location ever again.

PEOPLE asked the Walmart location for a comment, but the managers at the store failed to explain any further. Nevertheless, the incident remains a bizarre stain on the population of Wichita Falls, which prides itself in its honor and integrity. This woman proved that thieves and cheats live among the good people of Wichita Falls.

A lot of bizarre things happen at Walmart locations across America. In January 2019, another customer at the Wichita Falls location also experienced a weird food incident. That person was also banned. The customer drank wine from a Pringles potato chip container before spending hours riding around the store’s parking lot on an electric scooter. The store’s management also banned that person.

Because that woman was abusing company property and causing a disturbance, the police were also called to intervene. Wichita Falls cops are familiar with weird stuff going down at their local Walmart. The cops found that woman hiding in a nearby restaurant, having fled the store upon hearing the cops arrived. They informed her she had been banned.

What do you think about the unnamed woman’s ploy to pay for half the cake?

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