She Got A Gift When She Was Hospitalized For Her Kidney. Now She’s Making Sure Other Kids Get One Too : AWM

She Got A Gift When She Was Hospitalized For Her Kidney. Now She’s Making Sure Other Kids Get One Too

Little kids can be very generous. Because they have not been jaded by the harsh realities of living, they give freely and think of others. Instead of worrying if they’re going to have enough for themselves, children often open their hearts and give what they can to other people. And that’s exactly what a six-year-old girl named Brinley Williams from Hugo, Oklahoma wants to do for kids who need to spend time in the hospital.

When she was born, Brinley had to deal with difficult kidney problems. And throughout her young years, she spent a lot of time in and out of the St. Francis Children’s Hospital in Tulsa. Her mother, Kristen Williams, spoke to NBC News about her daughter and how treatment.

When Brinley spent several days in the hospital back in July 2017, she received an American Girl doll as a gift to help her feel better. Because it really worked, she wanted to bring that same joy to other children who need to spend time in the hospital.

For months, Brinley, who is only six, planned a fundraiser to get enough money to purchase 15 American Girl dolls for other sick children in Tulsa. And she finally achieved her goal and is ready to give the dolls away to kids who need them.

Brinley worked hard to raise the money, operating a local lemonade stand. Although not everyone believed that a young girl could make an impact on the people around her, she proved them wrong when the money kept rolling in.

Besides working the community with her lemonade stand, Brinley also did some work around a restaurant that a family friend owned. She was eager to do whatever she could to raise enough money to buy dolls for sick children. Talk about someone driven to do good in the world. And the children she is working to help are going to

In the end, Brinley raised $400, which is a lot for such a young girl.

However, Brinley inspired other people to help as well. Because she worked so hard to raise money, her community learned about it and then contributed another $1,500. Because American Girl dolls are not cheap, she needed that money to purchase them for other sick children.

Brinley will also get to see the smiles on the sick kids’ faces later this month. The hospital wants her to hand-deliver the dolls so she can feel the reward of all the hard work she did to raise money for such a kind cause.

When the little girl sees the look on the other children’s faces, she is going to feel proud. She worked hard to get them these high-quality dolls. And children in the hospital deserve a little something to pick up their spirits.

It is tough to be sick and away from home and family. When Brinley is doing is a great service for the children who need to spend time at the St. Francis Children’s Hospital.

What do you think about this six-year-old girl’s determination to help other sick children?