She Grabbed Her Camera When A Gang Of Teenagers Run Up To A Homeless Man, And Now It’s Gone Viral : AWM

She Grabbed Her Camera When A Gang Of Teenagers Run Up To A Homeless Man, And Now It’s Gone Viral

Teenage boys don’t have the best reputation, and for good reason. Oftentimes they are so consumed with their tech gadgets that they fail to interact with the world at all. And then there are those others who have used violence and hateful acts of bullying, which have ultimately made a bad name for teen boys as a whole. But, not all teen boys are bad, and that couldn’t be more evident than in an incident that one woman witnessed unfold from start to finish.

Jenna Steele had been sitting in her car one afternoon when she noticed a homeless man begging for money on the side of the road. She then saw a car pull into the gas station parking lot. They parked, got out of the car, and took their wallets out before they walked over to the homeless man and handed him some cash.

And just when Jenna thought she couldn’t be more overwhelmed with humanity, she saw each of the boys extend an arm to shake the man’s hand.

This certainly isn’t something that you see every day. And the best part is that these boys weren’t expecting to be watched or applauded for their actions. They simply did it out of the kindness of their hearts.

Jenna captured a photo of the three boys as they were huddled around the man and shaking his hand. She couldn’t help but share the heartwarming incident with Facebook users, and alongside the photo of the boys, she shared the following post…

“I just sat at the corner of Jackman & Alexis sobbing my eyes out. A car of 3 teenage boys pulled in to the gas station, parked their car, they all got out & one by one took their wallets out and handed this homeless man some cash. They then shook his hand and went on their way. Let’s stop giving attention to the youth that does these horrible acts and start giving attention to THESE kinds of kids. Maybe we will start a new kindness trend & make kids famous for these kinds of things. This is the kind of stuff I want to see go viral & clogging up my Facebook feed. Feel free to share.”

Her post has been shared over 90,000 times and liked by 79,000 people.

The good deeds often get lost amongst all the negative news out there, and Jenna, along with her commenters, felt that it would be uplifting to share more good news…

“There are still decent kids in our world and they need to be acknowledged……thank you for sharing this.”

“WOW…That is absolutely amazing.The problem being is that there is not enough of it. The bad seems to outweigh the good. So come on parents, LEAD by EXAMPLE. Someday maybe the good can stay in the fast lane. Proud moment of those outstanding young men.”

“I love this! Way to go boys! Thank you, Jenna, for sharing. I am sure these boys never expected to be recognized for this, but I am so glad they are. Keep leading the way to a better future…I have little ones who are watching and learning.”