She Had All Her Cash Stolen While Shopping, But It’s The Police’s Response That Left Her In Tears : AWM

She Had All Her Cash Stolen While Shopping, But It’s The Police’s Response That Left Her In Tears

When a woman found her money stolen at a local Walgreens store, the police came through in a big way.

Glendale Police Department officers assisted the 60-year-old woman who had left $160 in an envelope on the counter at the store after withdrawing it to pay her bills.

Officer Bill Downey filed the police report for the woman, who works two jobs to support herself, and called on his fellow officers for their help. Together, they raised $1,000 to donate to the woman.

That’s not all. The surveillance video from the Walgreens store showed the suspect taking the woman’s money, as the Glendale Police Department shared her photo on Twitter, writing: “Last week a sweet lady had 160 dollars taken when she left it on a counter at a store. Our officers helped her and donated 1000 dollars to her. Video is on our Facebook. We know who the suspect is and ask her to turn herself in. #DoTheRightThing.”

The woman was later arrested, as the police department shared on Twitter: “Theft suspect from theft at the store has been arrested. We #thank the #community for standing with us.”

The police department’s Facebook post explained the full story: “Last week Officer Bill Downey took a report from a 60-year-old female. She works two jobs to support herself, one of which is at an elementary school. Late last week she went to her bank and withdrew some money that included $160 for her electric bill and a phone payment. Afterwards she went to Walgreens and purchased a couple of items and inadvertently left the Desert Schools envelope with $160 on the counter as she talked with a friend. She left the store and then later realized she had left her money, which was then stolen.”

The post noted: “The video surveillance shows a suspect purchase some beer and left with the victim’s money. The female was upset as she explained this to Officer Downey and was going to have to work extra shifts to recoup the money.”

After explaining the incident to another officer, they sent a message to other officers to take up donations, raising the extra money for the victim.

The Glendal Police Department added: “As a show of unity they met at the Walgreens where officers Downey and Zygmont, along with some of the officers who participated, presented her with the donated cash in the same desert schools envelope which was stolen. She was overwhelmed…The suspect did turn herself in and was booked on charges.”

Commenters on the police department’s Facebook post were overwhelmed by the kind gesture, with one person writing: “That was so nice of them! Brought tears to my eyes! See there are still good people out there!”

Another person added: “Wow. That’s fantastic. Great job officers. What a great thing you did for this woman. God Bless You.”

Others commented on the woman who turned herself in, with one person noting: “I like it that the suspect repented and turned herself in. That’s how you turn your life around – admit your wrongdoing, face the consequences, DO BETTER going forward.”