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Mom Had Four Babies In Her Belly, And She Demands The Doctor Take Them Out At 27 Weeks

When Ivanna and David learned that they were about to have four babies at once, they were horrified. The Miami couple had gone into the ultrasound thinking they had only one bun in the oven. But after the technician told them they were making four little lives at the same time, Ivanna and David felt the unbelievable pressure of having to do four times the work all at the same time.

With four babies inside her tummy, Ivanna’s doctors took a long time figuring that out. They had to identify each heartbeat independently. And she could not believe that she wasn’t just caring a single child.

David and Ivanna thought the doctors were fooling them. They thought it was a prank. But it soon became clear that this was the reality of their life, and it was not going to be as easy as they had hoped.

“I thought they were just playing around with me,” Ivanna, 27, said to the Miami Herald. “I was like are you guys playing a joke on me, right?”

Once they accepted that she was pregnant with quadruplets, they had to face the fact that Ivanna had an extremely high-risk pregnancy. For David, that was horrifying. He didn’t want the mother of his children to be at risk just to give birth. And with four lives inside, her life was on the line too.

Due to the circumstances, Ivanna was scheduled for her C-section at 31 weeks. But four weeks early, the doctors broke the bad news. One of the unborn babies was dying. Its heartbeat was weak. Doctors suspected it was not getting enough oxygen.

At that money, Ivanna and David were given a choice, but it wasn’t really much a choice for the loving parents. Either Ivanna could continue with the pregnancy and risk losing one of her babies. Or she could have an emergency C-section at that moment and put all four babies at risk of coming out too early.

The choice was clear. She would undergo the emergency surgery and have the babies early. It was a tough decision to make. The babies would have only a forty percent chance of survival if she underwent the C-section early. But if she waited until the scheduled date, one baby would have a 100 percent chance of dying. She knew she had to risk it.

As she prepared for surgery, David summoned a priest so they could be ready. They wanted the babies baptized as soon as they came out as preparation for the worst-case scenario.

Before Ivanna was rolled into the operating room, David said a prayer over their unborn children. And as the procedure began, he was stressed out.

However, the babies survived. It was a miracle. But their arrival was very hard.

“They are all doing pretty good now,” Ivanna said. “We knew if they made it through that, they could make it through anything.”

In the video below, you can hear this Miami couple’s story. See the faith they had to go through such a trial.

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