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She Had Her Sunroof Open At A Stoplight. What Happened Next Had Her Running To The ER.

When the summer weather starts up, people love going outside. Personally, June is my favorite month of the year, because, in New England, where I live, I get to enjoy the sun and the breezy air. But summer has not been so kind to Susan Allan of Kelowna in British Columbia, Canada. When she pulled up to a red light, a pile of smelly, liquid “human feces” fell through her car’s sunroof into her eyes.

Because Kelowna Airport is nearby, they are investigating along with the help of Transport Canada to discover whether a plane let loose their poop and allowed it to strike Allan in the face.

Allan was in the car with her son Travis when her vehicle and her eyes were splattered with liquid feces. The pair could not believe what came through the sunroof at them. The feces struck Allan in the eyes, and her son got it all over his shoulder.

After taking photos of her splattered car, Allan drove to the car wash to remove the smelly substance from her vehicle. But when she woke up the next day, her eye had swollen to the size of a “golf ball.” She rushed to the emergency room after realizing that someone else’s feces had probably gotten into her eyes.

The doctor diagnosed Allan with conjunctivitis in both eyes. The feces fallen from the sky had given her pink eye.

When she reported the incident to Canadian authorities, they thought she was a fool. That’s why she has taken her story public, so people know what is going on in the air.

In an interview with MailOnline, she said, “We were inundated from poop falling from the sky. It covered my entire car and came in through my sunroof. It was actually quite a horrible feeling to know that you were covered in human feces. When we looked up all we saw was a plane flying over. I had conjunctivitis in both eyes and had to have medication for 12 days. It’s just now starting to feel better.”

In a separate interview with the Canadian Press, she said: “I just want everybody to know that although this seems like a surreal type of story, this happened to my son and me.”

She also spoke to the Canadian website Global News, saying: “An apology would be nice, and I do believe they owe me some compensation for my eye.”

The incident occurred on May 9. Now the airport and Transport Canada are investigating. People often report the falling of human waste from airplanes.

But sewage does not fall from the air easily. It is stored in a tank and can only be released when an external level is pulled. Although it is rather secure if a tank leaks feces could fall out. Usually, waste freezes to the side of the airplane and falls to the Earth as blocks of ice. But as the airplane reaches a lower altitude, the waste can melt and drip down as it must have onto Allan and her son.