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She Hasn’t Cut Her Hair In 20 Years. After This Makeover, Nobody Can Recognize Her

One of the best ways to rejuvenate yourself is to get a haircut or a makeover. A visit to the salon or barber can make you feel like a new person. But if you want to revolutionize yourself, there is no better salon to go to than The Makeover Guy. He gets all sorts of clients in his chair looking for something new; however, the woman in this video has a unique problem – she has not cut her hair in two decades.

For as long as she can remember, she’s never had her hair chopped off. And she finally reached the point in her life when she is ready to cut it off and start fresh. Because she’s in the Minnesota area, she sought out the Makeover Guy, who has a popular YouTube channel and got an appointment with him and his camera.

The woman’s hair has not touched the blades of scissors in decades and grew so long, down to her hips, as a result. She has worn it in a signature braid that entire time as a way to save money and avoid all haircuts. But now she is ready for a change and decided to put her trust in Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy.

As she takes a seat in Chris’s salon chair, he stops to admire her long locks. As a hair stylist with a lot of experience, he doesn’t get to chop off so much hair in one sitting very often. Although her hair has a beautiful natural texture and color, it has gotten out of control and overpowers her petite frame. It even weighs her down. Chris is ready to make her feel like a new woman.

During the consultation, Chris suggests a shoulder-length cut, which the client agrees to. Before she can change her mind, the hair gets cut off at the braid. Then they hold it in front of the woman to show her what has been done. The client looks shocked but also relieved to be done with her old ways of wearing her hair and is eager to continue forward on the adventure.

As the video plays, we watch as Chris styles the woman’s naturally wavy hair into a gorgeous new cut. She also has the ideal face for a long bob. That’s exactly the style Chris decides to do for her.

When she is done, she looks at the camera for her after-interview. She is glowing as she says:

“I feel light and airy. They’re going to be so surprised to see me. They’ve seen me for the last 20 years with my long braid, that’s the only way they’ve ever known me.”

Changing the way we look can make us feel fresh and new. It can inspire us and re-energize us and inspire change in our lives. It can be a great thing.

But cutting off so much hair is a risk. Thankfully, this client was able to smile after her major transformation.

What do you think of the way the Makeover Guy changed her look?

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