She Heard A Strange Noise Coming From A Garbage Bag. When She Opened It, Her Jaw Hit The Floor : AWM

She Heard A Strange Noise Coming From A Garbage Bag. When She Opened It, Her Jaw Hit The Floor

Not everyone is cut out to have pets. But some people are much worse than others. After noises were reported in the garbage area of La Torre Resort in Brazil, Pilar Vasquez, an animal rescuer, came out to check to see what was going on. What Pilar found would stun her more than she ever expected. Because she heard helpless cries coming from the piles of garbage in the hotel’s trash area, she had no choice but to search through the foul-smelling rubbish to rescue the little animals that were in desperate need of saving.

When she finally found the bag of trash that houses the animals, she ripped it out and pulled out three newborn kittens. The tiny animals, which had no idea what had happened to them, were crying from the cramp, stinking, refuse as if they were nothing more than trash themselves. But these little critters were adorable and filled with life. What kind of monster would toss kittens in the garbage as if they were nothing more than dirty diapers or rotten tomatoes?

The mother cat was heard meowing nearby, which alerted the rescuers to the garbage area. Apparently, some people had stuffed the small kittens into the dump, although they had a mother who wanted them.

Pilar watched the incident unfolding outside the luxury hotel because the mother cat was desperately meowing. She happened to be out walking her dogs – as an animal lover. She knew that she had to do something to help the mamma cat and her babies.

However, the hotel staff did not want to let her help the animals. Pilar argued with a man in a hotel uniform until he unlocked the gate to the garbage area and allowed her to search through the refuse with her bare hands.

“I had to insist because he refused to open it at first, even though it appears he knew the little kittens had been dumped inside.”

Good thing she did because she was able to save the three kittens from certain death.

Pilar refused to give up. If she had not kept going, the garbage collectors would have picked up the kittens later that same day and dumped them into the garbage with the rest of the city’s refuse.

When she finally finds the kittens, they are weak. Because they were stuck in plastic bags, they were deprived of oxygen. They were stuffed in the bags along with plastic cups and other junk like kitchen waste.

“Film this. I’m outside the Hotel La Torre. Look at this. (At first) the employee refused to open the bags. The mother was desperately meowing outside the storage door because they have just been born, and this monster has put them inside the bag to throw them away. How can someone to this? He is a monster if he has done this.”

While filming a selfie, she said:

“I’m Pilar Vasquez, I live on this road, and I’m appalled by this action. This is a crime.”

What do you think should happen to the people who stuffed the kittens in the garbage bags?

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